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The best sweet yellow varieties of tomatoes

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In addition to the traditional red tomatoes, gardeners grow varieties with yellow fruit in their plots. They contain large amounts of provitamin A useful for the human body, as well as other vitamins and minerals. Such tomatoes are valued for the high sweetness of the fruit. Gardeners try to pick up the sweetest tomatoes for open ground, growing in greenhouses, to get not only a high, but also a tasty harvest.

Yellow tomatoes for the middle band

Thanks to the selection, the range of yellow fruit varieties expanded significantly. It is easy to find varieties and hybrid forms for cultivation in different climatic zones. Especially many options are offered for gardeners in the central regions of the country.


For almost two decades, summer residents have grown a variety of tomatoes Ray, noting its unpretentiousness and yield. Among the "advantages": the sweetness of the fruit, so elongated tomatoes with a "nose" are not only in the workpiece, but also for salads.

The plant belongs to the group of determinant species, in height - up to 90-100 cm. Usually in the regions of the middle zone of the Russian Federation it is grown right on the beds. You can harvest in 110 days, but the fruits will still be green. Until full maturity takes about 135 days.

Tomatoes of interesting shape: elongated, about 7-9 cm long, yellow. By weight - 50-70 grams, therefore, suitable for pickles, marinades. The variety is resistant to late blight, powdery mildew, rot.

On a note!

The fruits of the Beam when creating favorable conditions are stored for up to 3-4 months.

The disadvantage is low yield. Up to 2 kg of “rays” are removed from the bush, but a small number is compensated by an excellent sweet taste.

Honey saved

The bush grows up to one and a half meters, therefore, at first glance, the variety is suitable only for greenhouse cultivation. But Honey Spasse grows well in the open air, forming fruits with high levels of sugar content.

The tomato is delicious, juicy, meaty. Summer residents note that fruits in greenhouses do not have the same taste as when grown on ridges. On branches ripen kidney-shaped tomatoes, weighing about 280-300 grams. Recommended grade for diet menu.

Yellow giant

Authorship of the selection belongs to the agricultural company "SeDek". Fruits of salad type are distinguished by a high content of beta-carotene, sugars.

The grade is recommended for landing in shelters. In terms of - 118-122 days, ripens amicably. Fruits slightly flattened, weigh from 300 to 400 grams, color - yellow.

Yellow Giant Tomatoes not suitable for storage, they also do not tolerate transportation, losing its presentation. The variety has a prolonged fruit release period.

Heart of Ashgabat

With tasty and very sweet fruits, the tomato with the beautiful name Ashgabat Heart will thank. With full care, it gives up to 4-4.2 kg of tomatoes from a bush.

Semi-determinant variety, different fruits without acid. Contains a high sugar content. Thanks to these parameters, it is recommended for people on a certain diet and having restrictions on the consumption of certain foods.

Disease-resistant, low-maintenance tomato. It needs the shaping of the bush, the removal of the stepsons.

Scallops yellow

In the south it grows without shelter, to the north - only in greenhouses. Tall Indet gives large sweet fruit, weighing 300-400 grams. Tomatoes heart-shaped, juicy, do not crack. Coloring of fruits is interesting: yellow with graining, sometimes pinkish streaks can be.

This variety of tomatoes is recommended for dietary and cooking children's menu.

Honey drop

Variety from the group of tall plants, suitable for cultivation in shelters. In the middle zone they are planted in greenhouses, the height rises to 1.5-2 meters.

The fruits are small, the original form in the form of "pears" or "droplets", saturated yellow color. Delicious, juicy, with characteristic honey tones. Formation of the wrist, by the number of tomatoes - 20-30 pieces. Main use: eat fresh (like candy), for preservation, decoration of culinary dishes.

Yellow dates

The tomato is called so because of its similarity with the fruits of this date. Tomatoes are sweet, with a pleasant aroma. The shape resembles "cream", the peel with gloss, thick.

"Plus" varieties - excellent transportability, so it is grown for sale. In terms of - medium-late tomato, begins to give the crop closer to August, so the landing is only in greenhouses.

Plants tall, up to 1.5 meters, need regular care and molding. Feature of the variety: small foliage, frequent arrangement of brushes on the branches, high set of fruits.

Yellow tomatoes for the south

Choosing yellow varieties for the southern regions, it is necessary to pay attention to the resistance of plants to drought. In these regions, the hot period lasts a long time, so a good harvest of sweet fruits will be given only by drought-resistant tomatoes.

Golden heart

200-240 grams grow beautiful yellow tomatoes with the original name Golden Heart. The variety is distinguished by an early ripening of fruits, compactness of plants, and unpretentiousness to care.

Under the conditions of the southern regions, it is usually grown on ridges, without shelters. Tomatoes are ready for harvest in 98-100 days. Using:

  • pickling;
  • pickling;
  • salads.
On a note!

Tomato is resistant to prolonged drought, does not reduce yield.

F1 Golden Anniversary

Early and fruitful - so this vegetable hybrid is characterized by tomato growers. Seeds are determined immediately in the ground, after three months the sweet yellow fruit is ready for harvest.

Variety from a group of determinants, quickly goes to growth. Prone to disease, requires mandatory prophylaxis during the entire growing season. Fruits are sweet, high commercial quality. With full care from a square meter of planting, 18-20 kg of selected fruits are harvested.

"Plus" of a hybrid - high drought resistance. This parameter is important when growing tomatoes in the southern regions. The variety does not tolerate excessive soil moisture, so watering volumes are controlled.

Yellow truffle

The fruits of this delicious tomato variety resemble “pears” or familiar sweets. Grow up to 200 grams, have pronounced ribs over the entire surface. Coloring - yellow, with orange tints.

Fruit content is sweet, there are few seeds. The main purpose is salads. "Minus" - requires systematic shaping bushes.

For the Northwest

In the regions of the North-West, gardeners often grow tomato varieties suitable for the middle band. The weather here is capricious, the climate is different humidity, unstable temperatures in the summer.

Summer sun

The tomato fully justifies its name (in translation - the Summer Sun). Its fruits and indeed brightness and form resemble tiny suns.

The variety belongs to the group of cherry tomatoes, forms tall bushes up to 2 meters and higher. Grown in greenhouse conditions. Main advantages:

  • high sweetness of fruits;
  • beautiful presentation of tomatoes;
  • stable yield.

Fruiting stretched, gives tomatoes until October.

Barry Crazy Cherries

In the cherry group, this tomato is distinguished not only by its colorful name, but also by its productivity.

On high bushes powerful brushes are formed with a large number of tomatoes. The shape of the fruit - oval, with a pronounced "nose". The flesh is thick, sweet. Tomatoes grow no more than 25 grams, lie well during storage.


  • consumed fresh;
  • conservation;
  • decoration of dishes.

A variety of American breeding, very resistant to various diseases.

Yellow Caramel F1

For those who like to pickle tomatoes, a hybrid with delicious “caramel” fruits is completely suitable. The early ripe tomato ties brushes with 40-50 tomatoes of a bright yellow color.

The weight of each - up to 50 grams. The pulp is dense, juicy, with a large amount of sugars. In the stage of full ripening, tomatoes acquire transparency, shining through the skin contents.

Planted in high shelter, as the bush reaches almost two meters. It is advisable to tie to the trellis or to install stakes.

A barrel of honey

Quite a rare variety, which is usually written out at amateur gardeners. Forms large tomatoes weighing 400-500 grams.

There are few fruits on the bushes, but the weight of tomatoes is impressive. Color - yellow, in full degree of maturity close to orange. The flesh is fleshy, oily, does not spread when cut. Taste - sugar, sweet.

The largest fruits are formed in the lower tier, and tomatoes are smaller in the upper brushes. Mainly used for salads, gardeners also appreciated the fruit when canning slices. Tomatoes keep their shape, retain excellent taste in marinades

Golden Nugget

This tomato is recommended to choose those who love early harvests. In terms of maturation, a variety takes about 80-82 days. Round shaped fruits, like “balls”, weighing 25-30 grams. Color - golden, with modulations. Formed on branches with tassels, each with 18-20 fruits.

This tomato in any season shows a high and friendly yield. Collect 8-9 kg from one square. meter "Cons": thin skin on tomatoes, so the fruits are not suitable for transportation

Varieties of yellow tomatoes for the regions of Siberia and the Urals

Breeders bred yellow-fruited hybrid forms, varieties of tomatoes for areas with a short summer, early onset of cold weather. In such regions, tomatoes of the cherry group and early varieties grow well in shelters.


In the harsh conditions of these regions, Ildi’s tomato gives excellent yields. On the bush large brushes are formed with a lot of small bright yellow fruits.

By weight, small, only 15-20 grams. But they have a sweet unsurpassed taste. Good for cutting salads, suitable for blanks in solid form (pickles, marinades).

Bushes are powerful, in the greenhouse they demand freedom. Forming most often in 2 stalks. Fruits begin to ripen early, while the fruiting is stretched until autumn.


On low bushes of this variety of tomatoes bright, yellow-orange fruits are formed. Weight - 150 grams, taste for a hybrid is good. There is a high content of beta-carotene.

Before the first fruits are harvested, it takes about 100-105 days from the moment the seeds germinate. In the conditions of regions with a short summer period, a tomato is grown only in shelter.

Amber Cup

Not bad results are shown by the Aelita agricultural company’s variety under the name Amber Cup. This is an option for novice gardeners, as the tomato is unpretentious and resistant to almost all diseases.

Bushes grow up to 1-1,5 meters in need of molding and removal of branches (cracking). The small size, convenient oval shape allows you to use tomatoes in conservation.

On a note!

This variety is suitable for storage up to 2-3 months.

Golden eggs

Only to half a meter grow bushes of this interesting tomato. Its fruits are oval, egg-like, bright yellow in color.By weight does not exceed 180-200 grams, although the exact parameters depend on the care and weather.

Tomatoes are dense, thin-skinned, sweet. Inside - up to 8-10 nests. Up to 1.5 -12 kg of tomatoes are removed from one small bush. The variety is bred by Siberian breeders, it is distinguished by its cold resistance and early harvesting periods.

Yellow tomatoes have a special taste, high sweetness. But the properties put at the genetic level show themselves only if they fully care for the plants and comply with the recommendations of the agronomists.

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