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The most delicious green tomatoes

Green Tomato Varieties

The original variety of tomatoes are green varieties of tomatoes. They have a bright appearance that attracts the attention of everyone around, and their taste is juicy and fresh. Green tomatoes are suitable for growing in greenhouses and open field. Among all known varieties, we selected several popular species with photos and a brief description of the characteristics.

Emerald Apple

A prominent representative of green tomato varieties is the variety with the name "Emerald Apple". He gives a powerful bushes under the growth of 1.5 m, requiring tying. Plant of indeterminate type, well leafy, spreading. Form 1-2 stems. Green apple is grown in greenhouses and in the open field. The variety tolerates frost well and withstands drought.

Each brush contains 5-7 pieces of fruits of unusual green color with a bronze shade. The weight of tomatoes ranges from 200 to 300 g. Tomatoes are famous for their delicious taste, the flesh is dense, without excessive wateriness, with a pleasant light sourness. The yield of the Emerald apple is high - at least 10 kg of tomatoes from an adult bush. The peak of the fruit harvest comes at the end of July and lasts until the autumn. The advantages of the variety are:

  • beautiful skin color;
  • average weight of tomatoes;
  • unpretentiousness in cultivation;
  • possibility of street landing.

There are no flaws in the variety. Gardeners are happy to grow tomatoes for the preparation of blanks, pickles, fresh consumption.


The pulp of green tomatoes contains a large amount of beneficial amino acid compounds that are beneficial to health.


Domestic breeders specifically for the unstable Russian climate brought a tomato variety, which can be grown on the street and under the film. For the central region and colder climatic zones, planting under film is recommended, for the south - street soil. The marsh has an average ripening period: 100 days pass from the emergence of seedlings to fruiting. The yield is 5-6 kg per sq.m. Adult bushes reach a height of 1.2-1.5 m, plants of indeterminate type.

Tomatoes ripen in weight of 150-300 g, the skin is green with a lot of yellow patches. The shape of the fruit is flat-round, with pronounced ribbing. Variety Bog grown for canning, fresh consumption. The pulp is dense, perfectly cut, suitable for salads.

The Swamp species has several virtues:

  • good presentation;
  • excellent taste;
  • early harvest;
  • universal use.

Of the shortcomings in the swamp say low keeping quality. Tomatoes are poorly stored, not suitable for transportation over long distances. Immune qualities of the variety are low, there are cases of plant infection with anthracnose.

Cherokee Green

For greenhouse cultivation suitable grade Cherokee Green. Shrubs high 1.8 m, indeterminate type. Street landing is possible in southern areas. Form a plant in 2-3 stalks, tying and staving are required. The yield is 6-7 kg of fruit from the bush. Resistance to diseases is good, plants are not affected by blight, powdery mildew, and vertex rot.

Tomatoes are large, weighing 300-500 g. The skin is green with pink spots. The pulp has few seeds, the color in the cut is green, there are fruit notes and sweet taste in the taste.To prepare fresh juices and fresh consumption tomatoes are very useful. For long-term storage, the variety is not suitable. Of the merits of Cherokee Green noted:

  • beautiful shape;
  • high taste characteristics
  • seedless pulp;
  • disease resistance.

Of the shortcomings called bad keeping, fear of frost.

On a note!

Ripe green tomatoes are stored in a cool place at a temperature of + 4-8 degrees.


The tomato variety Absinthe has become the pride of the American selection. In the middle lane, it is grown in greenhouse conditions; in the southern zone, it is acceptable to plant in open ground. A tall indeterminate bush reaches a height of 1.8 m. Formations of 1-2 stems are recommended. Sheets of the usual type, small. Maturing term - medium early, 90-95 days from the beginning of planting. Productivity - 3-4 kg from one plant.

In the Absinthe variety, high quality tomatoes. The skin color is green with a glossy yellow shimmer, the weight of the fruit is 300-400 g. The flesh is fleshy, sugar with a fruity, pleasant taste. The experts rated the taste characteristics of the variety at 5 points. The main purpose of the crop is fresh consumption and processing. Absinthe has a number of advantages:

  • high taste qualities;
  • fruit marketability;
  • universal purpose;
  • resistance to tomato diseases.

The lack of absinthe one - hypersensitivity to low temperatures. The variety does not tolerate night frosts.

Giant emerald

Lovers of large green tomatoes will like the variety Giant Emerald. This is a mid-early variety of a semi-determinant type for planting outside or in a greenhouse. Bushes are strong, without excessive foliage, 1 m in height. Gathering is not required, which greatly simplifies maintenance. The variety is highly resistant to disease, not affected by powdery mildew, tobacco mosaic virus, anthracnose. Plants are resistant to cooling, are not afraid of drought.

Tomatoes have a flat-rounded shape, in the stage of maturity reach emerald color with a yellowish sheen. The flesh is sweet, aromatic, very tasty. The weight of the fruit can be 400 grams. For preparing juices, sauces, pickling, pickling, the variety fits very well. The virtues of the Emerald giant are:

  • high yield of 4-5 kg ​​per plant;
  • unpretentious care;
  • resistance to cooling;
  • drought tolerance;
  • excellent immune qualities.

Because of the large weight, tomato bushes can break off and crack, therefore a garter to a trellis or any other support is necessary.

Irish liqueur

High strong plants with medium early ripening begin to bear fruit from the middle of summer. The term of ripening is 90-100 days from the moment of seed germination. The variety does not tolerate low night temperatures, recommended for greenhouse planting. The highest yield of the plant is given when it forms 2 stalks, it can be grown without a pinch. Bookmark the first inflorescence occurs under 8 or 9 leaf, and then through the leaf.

Tomatoes are distinguished by ribbing and flat-round shape, the mass of fruits is 200 g. The color is calm green with yellow transitions in the upper part. The taste is harmonious, without excess sour, juicy. Irish liqueur is grown for fresh consumption, but the harvest is also good for conservation. The variety has many positive qualities:

  • great taste;
  • early ripening;
  • immunity to disease;
  • simple care.

The disadvantage of Irish liquor is the intolerance of night frosts, so it is not suitable for growing outside in the middle lane.

On a note!

The air temperature in the greenhouse should not fall below 15-17 degrees Celsius.

Green zebra

Another American variety with an unusual color of the fruit is called Green Zebra. Tomatoes ripen in green color, but with oblong dark stripes all over the fruit. When cut, the pulp makes an appetizing fruity aroma, and the tomatoes taste sweet and juicy.Fruits are small in size, weighing 80-90 g, the shape is slightly oblong. Suitable for salting, can be used for fresh consumption.

Indeterminate shrubs, 1.7 m long. The variety shows the best results when grown in greenhouse conditions, but planting in open ground is possible. Green zebra is characterized by high resistance to tomato diseases and early ripening. From the moment of sprouting of seedlings to fruiting, it takes 90-100 days. The advantages of the variety include:

  • attractive appearance;
  • unusual color of the fruit;
  • sweet taste;
  • excellent keeping quality;
  • possibility of transportation over long distances.

There were no flaws in the Green Zebra, on the contrary, gardeners speak of the variety on the positive side and recommend it for cultivation.

Caring for green varieties of tomatoes is not much different from caring for the whole crop. It consists of watering, loosening the soil, fertilization, weeding the soil from weeds. With proper and timely courting of tomatoes, plants are sure to be thanked with a good harvest, which is enough for conservation and fresh consumption.

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Green Tomato VarietiesGreen Tomato Varieties

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