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Greenhouse "Uralochka enhanced" its advantages

greenhouse uralochka

Polycarbonate greenhouses have proven to be practical designs that are suitable for growing various fruit-bearing and ornamental crops. Buildings retain heat, have a long period of operation and are characterized by a high degree of light transmission. Polycarbonate greenhouses are the best alternative to film and glass constructions. Reinforced "Uralochka" - a design that has managed to establish itself better than others.

How to choose the right design of the greenhouse

Characteristics of the greenhouse "Uralochka" is a combination of the best parameters of structures of this type. This design allows you to grow heat-loving crops that can not always grow in a particular region without additional shelter, as the fruits do not have time to fully mature. Such facilities protect crops grown from accidental and sudden frosts, which can come even in the summer season and destroy the expected harvest. “Uralochka” is made of polycarbonate - the best material for the greenhouse, since it is characterized by such properties:

  • strength;
  • ease of operation:
  • does not need completion each year;
  • low susceptibility to temperature jumps;
  • high thermal insulation performance;
  • long operational period;
  • UV protection;
  • ease of erection.
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A greenhouse is not only an extension of the warm season, but also a good protection of plants against birds, which are capable of destroying the future harvest even at the stage of sowing the site.

Characteristics of "Uralochka"

The greenhouse “Uralochka Reinforced” is an arched structure that provides the possibility of self-descent of snow masses and causes better resistance to strong gusts of wind in comparison with other types of construction. The frame of the greenhouse is made of steel profile. Solid-bored hollow arc section of 20x20 mm provide increased strength of the structure and allow you not to perform preventive checks on the integrity of the greenhouse in the winter season. The frame is not susceptible to rust and is covered with anti-corrosion paint composition. Due to this design, Uralochka Reinforced is capable of holding up to 40 kg of snow per m2 and wind gusts up to 30 m / s.

greenhouse uralochka

The frame of the “Uralochka reinforced” differs from the standard construction by a large number of arcs that increase the rigidity of the structure. Unlike the ordinary “Uralochka”, in the reinforced version of the arc are located every 67 cm, and not in 1 m steps. .

The metal components of the doors and vents were assembled and fixed by electric welding. But, to facilitate the weight of the structure, all the components of the framework are hollow, which allows not to make the foundation for the greenhouse, but to install it directly on the ground. The package "Uralochka enhanced" includes the following elements:

  • fastening to the ground;
  • doors - 2 pieces;
  • pediment - 2 pieces;
  • ventilating vents - 2 pieces;
  • longitudinal screeds and base;
  • instruction manual and assembly;
  • polycarbonate 4 mm;
  • fasteners and fittings;
  • set of arcs.

The greenhouse “Uralochka Reinforced”, due to the configuration of the frame, is recognized by plant growers as one of the best greenhouse facilities on sale. Against the background of decent characteristics, this design is easy to erect, and its final mass makes it easy to transfer a greenhouse from one place to another. Due to the power of the frame, it is not necessary to disassemble the “reinforced Uralochka” for the winter - the structure easily transfers the negative weather effects when assembled.

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It is possible to build a greenhouse “Uralochka reinforced” alone, on average, installation takes about 2-3 hours. But, sheathe frame is recommended with an assistant - to speed up the process.

Positive and negative aspects of the design

The design features of the enhanced version of the greenhouse “Uralochka” endow this structure with a mass of positive sides. The materials of which the frame and the cladding are made make it possible to protect plants from adverse weather conditions and other factors that prevent the plant breeder from obtaining a decent result of his work. The key positive moments of “Uralochka enhanced” are the following factors:

  1. The design is able to withstand high wind and snow loads.
  2. "Uralochka reinforced" is easy to assemble and dismantle the structure.
  3. The foundation for the enhanced version of “Uralochka” is not needed, the greenhouse can be installed directly on the ground.
  4. When all air vents are closed, even in the period of severe frosts, the temperature in the greenhouse will not fall below 0 ° C.
  5. The vents are conveniently located, and the skin material protects the plants from ultraviolet burns.

However, the enhanced version of the greenhouse has negative sides. Thus, the structure is not able to withstand a snow mass exceeding 40 kg / m2. The frame under such a weight sags. After the violation of the integrity of the frame to restore the structure is impossible - it is necessary to buy a new design. The inability to repair the damaged frame is the main negative point of the greenhouse “Uralochka Reinforced”.

greenhouse uralochka

Types of sets "Uralochka Reinforced"

Greenhouse "Uralochka" can be delivered independently in the presence of a semi-car, as the parts included in the kit are compact. The volume of cargo depends on the estimated size. The height of the entire model range is 2 m, but depending on the model, the parameters of the “Uralochka Reinforced” greenhouse are different in area, length and width - it is possible to clarify this information in the table:

Name Greenhouse length Occupied width Available space
Uralochka reinforced 4 4 m 2 m, 2.5 m, 3m 6 m2, 10m2, 12m2
Uralochka reinforced 6 6 m 2 m, 2.5 m, 3m 12 m2, 15 m2, 12 m2
Uralochka reinforced 8 8 m 2 m, 2.5 m, 3m 16 m2, 20 m2, 24 m2
Uralochka reinforced 10 10 m 2 m, 2.5 m, 3m 20 m2, 25 m2, 30 m2

The dimensions shown are standardized options only. If you need an increased area, models of the same width can be linked together in length.

Assembly Instructions

Included with the greenhouse is an assembly instruction that allows you to speed up the installation of all elements. The first step in assembling Uralochka reinforced - the choice of place on the site. To do this, select a well-lit area with a flat ground. Irregularities that are acceptable should not exceed 5 cm in height. After unpacking the parts prepare the necessary tool:

  • shovel;
  • hammer;
  • roulette;
  • rope;
  • construction level;
  • the ruler is long;
  • screwdriver;
  • crosshead screwdriver;
  • construction knife;
  • set of wrenches.

In the selected area eliminate all extraneous objects - bumps, stumps, etc. The soil should be flat. On the ground around the perimeter, it is recommended to prepare the foundation for fasteners - a common cement mortar with a takeoff run for fixing the arcs. At the initial stage, the base is prepared, then the end walls are assembled and arcs are installed for fastening polycarbonate sheets.

greenhouse uralochka

Foundation preparation

The base of the frame is collected on the ground. The pipes must be placed so that the fixtures for the arcs are directed upwards, at an angle inward. In the joints have mounting plates and a frame with screws marked M6H50, which requires keys and a screwdriver. It is necessary to tighten these places tightly so that the design does not hang out. If a foundation is installed, the system is additionally attached to it.

End sides of the greenhouse

When assembling the end sides of the “Uralochka Reinforced”, it is necessary to arrange the parts so that the opening openings (door and window leaf) are facing upwards. 2 polycarbonate plates 2.02 m long and one 1.96 m long are laid out on the end frame. The protective film is removed from the surface and fastened with 5.5X25 markings with self-tapping screws, for which holes are provided in the frame. After fixing the plates need to cut openings with a construction knife. The second end is collected in the same way. Attachment of wind hooks and latch are at their own discretion. The handles are fixed in the technological holes with screws with pometonnaya 4Х30 and M4 nuts.


When cutting the polycarbonate on the openings, the door scan and the vents must be considered, for which an additional part of the sheet is cut in the area of ​​the hinges.

Frame assembly

The arcs are fixed to the pins of the side parts of the base with M4X55 screws. When fixing you need to hold each of them, which will need help. In the intervals between the arcs stretch the screed near the ceiling and fix with bolts M4X55. When assembling track the flatness of the ceiling line. The distance between the arcs is 67 cm. The end sides are fixed at the base to the frame with M6X50 bolts with connecting plates.

Polycarbonate sheathing

When the frame is already assembled, cuts of polycarbonate plates are prepared. To do this, measure the length of the arc to the ceiling screed and add to the value of a stock of 8-10 mm. The cuts are applied to the frame, face out, and fastened with screws 5.5,525, first to the arcs, and then to the base of the frame. The polycarbonate sheet cells are arranged parallel to the arcs.


Service recommendations

Proper assembly of the greenhouse "Uralochka Reinforced" guarantees a long service life and a normal microclimate for growing vegetation, and the reinforced frame will ensure the structure's stability against snowy notice and wind in stormy weather conditions. But, any construction needs care, for which it is recommended to observe the following set of rules:

  1. In the winter season, it is recommended to support the frame from the inside in the area of ​​the connection of the arcs with the ceiling mounts, in order to increase the strength during snowfall. After strong notes, snow from the greenhouse also needs to be removed.
  2. Polycarbonate plates can be cleaned with different detergents. But, before using it is necessary to check the composition for the presence of ammonia compounds (ammonia) - such components destroy the material.
  3. The marginal sides of the plates, where there is open access to the inside of the cells, are recommended to be covered with a sealant or perforated adhesive tape. This will protect the cavities from insects.
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Before laying the ground in the greenhouse, it is recommended to lay a board along the walls to cover the fixings of the arcs from moisture.


The greenhouse "Uralochka Reinforced" has a high strength and long service life. This design is easy to assemble and undemanding to care. Due to the compactness of the parts such a greenhouse can be transported or disassembled if necessary, to vacate the plot. Polycarbonate plates in case of damage can be easily replaced with new ones.

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greenhouse uralochkagreenhouse uralochka

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