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Artist "Artist f1": variety with a long period of return of the crop

Tomatoes grown in a greenhouse must meet several important requirements. This, above all, high yields, disease resistance and good taste. After all, many grow tomatoes not only for personal use, but also want to make money by selling them. Tomato Artist f1: description of the variety, photos, reviews, yield, just one of these hybrids. With good care, he will thank the gardener with a decent harvest of high-quality fruits.

Characteristics and description

Taking into account the increasing prevalence of tomato, the Artist f1: the characteristic and description of the variety will make it possible to figure out what he is so fond of summer residents and farmers.

Tomato Artist f1 is an early ripe hybrid, which begins to bear fruit from 110 days after the first shoots. It has dense beautiful fruits and excellent yield. Confidently conquers the greenhouses and hearts of gardeners in Russia and the countries of the former Soviet Union.

Description of the bush

Since tomato Actor is f1 of indeterminant type, its height reaches one and a half meters, and sometimes more (depending on the height of greenhouses). This hybrid is ideal for growing in greenhouses. Form it in one, sometimes in two stalks. The leaves are small, located at a slight angle to the main stem.

Brushes are laid through 3 sheets, the first - after 9-10 sheets. Typically, the plant gives a full 8 brushes, but with good care and a long period of cultivation, able to "feed" and 10-12 brushes. If the greenhouse is not planned to be heated, then after 8 small fruits are formed on the brush, pinch the stem through two leaves.

This will allow the fruit to fully form, and the plant does not spend power on the fruits that do not have time to grow and ripen.

Fruit Description

Artist f1 - tomato brush type. His hands are distributed over the bush evenly on both sides of the stem. Fruits leveled in size, very attractive in appearance. The ripening of the brush takes place simultaneously, which allows them to be removed and transported or stored for storage by whole brushes.

In the inflorescence has 5-8 fruits. Usually their weight varies between 140-150 grams, in the first brush they can sometimes be slightly larger and reach 200 grams. This fruit size is ideal for canning and processing. In addition, the "medium" tomatoes are in demand in the market, so they are competitive in the market.

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Fruits have a leveled rounded, sometimes slightly ribbed shape. The color of ripe tomatoes is bright scarlet, without a green speck at the stem. The pulp is dense, with a high dry matter content. Due to the robust skin, the tomato has good transportability, which means it is not afraid of transportation and is resistant to mechanical damage, dents and cracks of fruits. In addition, it is beautifully stored for a month without loss of taste.

Grade assignment

Tomato Artist f1 is a hybrid universal purpose.

Dense and beautiful fruit is excellent for use both independently and in salads with other types of vegetables.Alignment of the fruit allows you to apply them in salting and canning.

And the dense pulp, which contains a high concentration of dry matter, makes the hybrid ideal for processing into ketchup and tomato paste.

Disease and Pest Resistance

This hybrid, due to its immunity, is genetically resistant to many harmful infections. First of all, it is excellent in resisting such a dangerous fungus as a biotrisa, which causes the gray rot of fruits and stems. The Artist also successfully reflects the gall nematode and the tobacco mosaic virus. But these diseases are practically not treatable.

In greenhouses it is very difficult to observe crop rotation, and the constant cultivation of the same crops will necessarily cause fungal infections. Sometimes chemicals cannot even handle them. Unlike many other varieties, this hybrid is resistant to cladozoriosis (brown spot) and fusarium wilt. This makes it simply indispensable for gardeners who want to get a stable high yield of tomatoes. After all, the less a plant is treated with chemicals, the lower the costs of growing products and healthier fruits.

However, all the same you should not rely only on the breeders who have provided the Artist with good health. Preventive measures to protect plants from diseases and pests will help the plant to reveal all the possibilities of this variety.

Advantages and disadvantages

Given that the Artist f1 is a favorite of greenhouses and shelters, then you can talk about him a lot and for a long time. The main advantages of this hybrid include such indicators as:

  1. Early ripeness. The first fruits ripen already at 102-110 days after germination.
  2. In greenhouses, the plant is able to grow more than 1.5 meters, and give at least 8 brushes of excellent fruits.
  3. In the hand there are 5-8 fruits, weighing from 0.750 to 1.200 kg.
  4. Fruits of the same size 140-150 grams, bright scarlet color without prozeleni. These indicators make the hybrid competitive in the vegetable market.
  5. Excellent transportability and taste.
  6. An opportunity to grow a tomato both in one, and in two stalks.
  7. The long period of return of the crop, which allows you to use fresh fruit until late autumn.
  8. The ability of fruits to be stored for 30 days without any special taste changes.
  9. High immunity to many diseases. This allows not only to save on expensive means of protection, but also to obtain higher-quality products with lower costs.

There are not many flaws in the Artist of f1, the main ones are:

  1. Growing only in closed ground.
  2. The need for a garter.
  3. The density of the fruit. This indicator is an advantage when transporting and processing tomatoes, and a lack of fresh use.

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Features of growing varieties

Tomato Artist f1 not so long ago was born, but has already become the favorite of many summer residents and farmers. In order to understand why this variety is so attractive, it is necessary to analyze its features and prospects in more detail.

Recommended growing regions

High yield, relative simplicity and pleasant sweetish-sour taste allowed this variety to be registered on the garden plot of gardeners in many regions of Russia and the near abroad.

A small foliage of the bush and undemanding to light allows you to grow it in the central and northern regions of Russia. At the same time, resistance to high temperatures and the scorching sun makes it possible to cultivate a hybrid in southern Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.

Growing seedlings

The optimal period of sowing seeds for seedlings is the end of February. Given that all the seeds of hybrids are sold already treated with special preparations, then special preparation for sowing is not required.In disinfected prepared soil, seeds are sown at a distance of 1-2 cm from one another. Then watered and covered with foil.

After the appearance of 1-2 true leaves, they pick into cups. In the future, young saplings are fed and sprayed with growth stimulants and nutrient solutions.

Transplant into the ground

In the greenhouse plants are planted in early May. If the greenhouse does not have, even emergency warms, then it is better to move the planting dates by the third decade of the month. Planting density is 3-4 plants per 1m2.

Before planting seedlings, the structure of the greenhouse and the soil must be disinfected. The soil in which fall rotten manure or compost was introduced in the fall, is additionally dug up before planting. And only then young saplings are planted, digging them into the soil on the first leaf. This will allow in the future to get additional roots that will give food to an adult plant.

Planting density is 3-4 plants per 1m2.

Then a peg near the plant is tied with a strong twine and secured on a wire located under the roof of the greenhouse. This twine will then be twisted around the plants, and it will be a support for the stems and the future harvest.


To get a good crop of tomato you need to create optimal conditions in which this hybrid will reveal all its potential.

Shine. The artist is not particularly picky about lighting. It bears fruit very well and sets fruit even in relative shadow. This is quite a rare quality in tomatoes, especially considering that their homeland is tropical America. However, if there is an opportunity to create conditions for good illumination, the plant will thank the host for increased yields.

Temperature. Typically, greenhouse tomatoes like stable heat without much temperature fluctuations. But Artist f1 tolerates temperature drops well and continues to bear fruit even when the temperature drops. Its fruits while still remain aligned and attractive. This hybrid is also resistant to elevated temperatures. Summer heat does not have a negative inhibition on the formation of fruits.

Shaping. Since the Artist f1 is a hybrid of the generative type, his main task is not to increase the green mass, but to pour fruits. In order for the variety to maximize its abilities, the gardener must help him with this. First of all, it is necessary to form a plant in 1, maximum 2 stems.

Permanently remove all stepchildren and harvest ripe crops. Prevent thickening of plantings, the norm is no more than 4 bushes per 1 m2.

Protection. Despite its natural immunity, you should not neglect preventive measures for the protection of plants. After all, to prevent the disease is not only save on the means of dealing with the disease, but also to get a good harvest, which means a good income for farmers or additional products for harvesting a summer resident.

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Care. Systematic irrigation, loosening of the soil and top dressing will also favorably affect the growth and fruiting of plants.

Follow all the recommendations, everyone can get a harvest of tomato fruit Artist f1 in an amount of from 10 to 30 kg with m2it is worthwhile to put a little effort and desire.

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