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What are the features of growing varieties of tomato "T 34 F1"?

“And the name is, right, the word combat” - T 34. Included in the State Register of the Russian Federation, originator VNIIO, Gavrish. By its name, Russian tomatoes T34 scared the West: “Russian organic tomatoes seize Europe,” wrote Bloomberg in June 2016. A fighting tomato. Although quite young, it is a huge success with farmers engaged in industrial production of agricultural products.

Characteristic and description

Tomatoes T34 are among the first among hybrids. It impresses with its outstanding data:

  • variety mid-season, indeterminate;
  • fruits ripen on 116-120-day from the emergence of shoots;
  • the hybrid is highly productive: fruiting is very long;
  • extremely high yield: about 40 kg per 1 m2 in high greenhouses, in low ones - 31.6 kg with 1 m2;
  • gardeners and gardeners can get guaranteed about 11 kg from 1 m2.

Description of the bush

Plant vigorous: in need of tying to the trellis height of 4 m.

  • bush moderate, powerful;
  • the main stem is characterized by stable growth;
  • leaves are dark green, even dark, of medium size; in the central part of the bush leaves are located horizontally;
  • the first inflorescence develops over the 10th-12th leaf, following already three leaves;
  • inflorescences are resistant to creases;
  • on the first five inflorescences, it is recommended to wear wrist holders so that the brush does not break off under the weight of ripe fruits;
  • on a simple, compact inflorescence develops four to six fruits;
  • brush is quite strong, symmetrical;
  • it is necessary to normalize the inflorescences in the hands: on the first leave three ovaries, on the second four, on the next five;
  • T 34 is distinguished by a high set of fruits;
  • variety distinguishes simultaneous ripening of fruits;
  • fruits of this tomato are not removed individually, immediately with whole brushes;
  • fruiting stable, regular.

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Fruit Description

The fruits of this battle tank T34 are also interesting:

  • tomato-shaped forms;
  • on the stage of ripening, the tomato color is saturated green, there is no dark green spot on the stem;
  • ripe tomatoes T 34 bright red;
  • the size, color and shape of the fruit are highly uniform;
  • ripe tomatoes on average 200-300 g;
  • multichamber
  • taste is good;
  • smooth, thin skin has a dense structure;
  • pulp very fleshy, with a high content of dry substances;
  • salad dressings.

For five years (since 2012), Russian T34 tomatoes have received the most excellent reviews from various tasters and buyers: everyone notes the excellent taste qualities of a combat variety.

Disease and Pest Resistance

Also during this five-year period, the tomatoes T34 have proved not only their high yield, but also confident disease resistance:

  • tobacco mosaic virus;
  • verticellosis;
  • coladosporiosis;
  • Fusarium;
  • nematode.

In this new hybrid, a special gene was introduced into the genotype, which provides the cultivar with a resistant, guaranteed immunity to various serious diseases tomato.

Advantages and disadvantages

Russian tomatoes T34 have many advantages:

  • Tomatoes are well maintained and stored in long shipments;
  • they have a high degree of keeping quality: they are kept for quite a long time in warehouses and at home, in the refrigerator;
  • high yield;
  • long period of fruiting;
  • endurance and immunity.

There are practically no drawbacks in this variety of tomato. Is that a certain limitation in use: tomato T34 is perfect for fresh consumption, but not enough for technical processing.

And still it is necessary to note the high price of seeds of these tomatoes. For professionals in industrial cultivation, this price is acceptable, it pays for itself very quickly, but the variety gives a high profit. Seeds of tomatoes T34 spread mainly originators: the company Gavrish, which sells it for industrial cultivation. Unfortunately, in the retail seeds are very rare.

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Features of growing varieties

Tomato T34 can be grown according to the method of low-volume technology, it can be grown in open and closed ground.

However, it is more expedient to grow a variety of tomatoes T34 in greenhouses, and the highest yield can be obtained in the greenhouses of new developments and types (with the height of the trellis - 4 m, with heating). In them, the T34 variety is grown in the summer-autumn and winter-spring turnover, i.e. the crop is harvested almost 11 months a year.

Originators advise to achieve maximum results, for the production of tomatoes all year round to try to study and apply technologies of extended circulation, because all the characteristics of T34 variety are suitable for this purpose just perfect. This newest combat variety is remarkably adapted to growing with the help of intensive technologies (because the seeds pay for themselves very soon, despite their high cost so far).

If a variety of tomato T34 is grown in polycarbonate greenhouses, then gardeners and gardeners will be able to harvest in three seasons:

  1. winter spring;
  2. summer;
  3. autumn winter.

In conclusion, I would like to give an example, which was voiced by V. G. Kingd. s.-kh. n., head. Department of variety technologies NIIOZG: "So, of all the tomatoes, "T-34" is really a "tank" and is not killed. Last year we gave the seeds of T-34 to Belarus, a careless greenhouse, in bad conditions, and when I arrived I was surprised - it survived. The only advice is: if you want to grow "T-34", then cover your booths with black plant film. "


The newest developments of breeders lead to the appearance of very promising tomato hybrids, which are resistant to bad weather conditions, give high yields, bear fruit for a long time, are hardy and have excellent immunity. And while they may not be as cheap as we would like, but they should be grown on their own plots.

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Such varieties allow vegetable growers and summer residents to achieve remarkable yields and reach new levels of horticulture and vegetable production.

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