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Cranberry To Sugar Tomato: Decorate Any Table

Official data

Applicant and originator of the variety “Agrofirm Aelita” LLC, Moscow Russia. The variety was submitted for testing in 2011, and in 2012 it was entered into the register of breeding achievements under the number 8853426.

The authorship belongs to Nastenko N.V., Kachaynik VG, Gulkin M.N.

The grade is recommended for cultivation in all regional districts of the Russian Federation in an open ground and under film shelters in personal farms of gardeners and summer residents.

Characteristics and description

Tomatoes "Cranberries in sugar" early ripening. The vegetative form is standard, determinant. Growing up to 60 cm, the shoot finishes its growing season with a floral brush.

The sheet plate is small, dark green. Nothing prevents tomatoes from putting their barrels in the sun.

The stem of a tomato with a joint, inflorescence of a complex type. The fruit is a classic, rounded tomato. Density is well expressed. Most likely, the elasticity of the tomato gives a dense skin that perfectly holds the tomato pulp.

Fruits do not crack under any circumstances.


Reviews vegetable growers accusingly speak about the skin. If during the heat treatment it is a blessing, because the tomatoes do not crack and in the jar they look fresh and elegant, elastic and dense, then in salads they are too hard.

Before getting into the salad they need to be doused with boiling water, rinsed with cold water and only then used in cooking. Otherwise, in a salad plate, they turn out to be uneaten due to the very dense skin.

Legally, tomatoes are prescribed as salad and for tsetnelnoprednogo canning. However, vegetable growers unanimously recognize this variety only as canning.

Sometimes some fruits show light ribbing, but this is nothing compared to taste.

The tasting commission rated “Cranberry Sugar” a rating of “good.” However, most growers prefer to abandon the variety because of excessive acidity. Many, describing the taste, compare it with cranberries without sugar. Evaluating the taste sensations, vegetable growers are confident that not dense skin gives sourness, namely tomato pulp does not have a balance in organic acids.

The tomatoes themselves are up to 15 g. Amazingly equal in size and tone, they do not have a green spot on the stem and show a rich red color. Nests in tomato 2, sometimes 3. Seeds are small, and there are not a lot of them.

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Disease and Pest Resistance

The registration committee is silent about the resistance of the variety to diseases. But vegetable growers, sharing their opinions, speak of a very good sustainability.

The fact that the variety can be grown in all climatic regions once again confirms its resistance to various weather characteristics.

The variety is almost not affected by blight even when all the surrounding tomato plants are “burning”.


Commodity yield of fruits of this variety is fixed at 2.5-2.8 kg per square meter.

Of course, the harvest is very small.If we take into account that the same company produces other varieties with small fruits, but with much higher yields, then the Cranberry Tomato variety is in the bottom lines of demand.

Advantages and disadvantages

It is difficult to judge the merits of a variety whose fruits are sour, but it:

  • early ripening;
  • short;
  • does not require staving;
  • does not require a garter;
  • resistant to disease and weather extremes.

Among the shortcomings should be noted:

  • low yield;
  • excessive sourness

Features of growing varieties

The fact that the variety is early and very stable makes it desirable for those vegetable growers and summer residents who rarely visit vegetable crops. By purchasing seeds, it all starts with seedlings.

Growing seedlings

This early variety needs a seedling period only in those regions where spring is long. But Southerners can afford to sow seeds in tubs and large pots and use a tomato plant as a decoration of the estate without growing seedlings.

Anyone who wants to get very early products still have to sow seeds in room conditions. It is not necessary for the early variety to be illuminated and the time of sowing can be chosen at the end of March.

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To pick up a soil mixture in the modern world is not difficult. Universal soil for seedlings can be bought in the garden center, or you can cook it yourself. For cooking will need:

  • fresh compost - 1/3 of a bucket;
  • cow, pork or horse ripened humus - 1/3 of a bucket;
  • garden soil, not from under the nightshade - 1/3 of a bucket.

For each bucket of soil mixture is added:

  • 0.5 kg of furnace ash;
  • 1.5 Art. spoons of ammonium nitrate;
  • 1.5 Art. spoons of superphosphate.
The soil is prepared in advance, ideally in the fall, this will allow the microflora to bring all components to readiness for the rapid absorption of nutrients by the root system of the plant.


Early varieties of tomatoes can not germinate, and sow dry seeds. For this:

  1. Dish filled with soil;
  2. Condense;
  3. Lay out the seeds at a distance of 1.5-2 cm from each other;
  4. Cover with the ground;
  5. Spray out of the spray with warm water;
  6. Cover with glass or plastic wrap.

Crops are put in a place where the temperature around the clock will stay at 25-26 C. After 8-10 days, shoots will appear. As soon as germinating tomatoes are visible, the temperature should be lowered to 18 ᵒC during the day and 15 C at night. Seedlings during this period, put on the brightest place.

Choosing tomatoes "Cranberries in sugar" seedlings growing without any problems. Tomatoes are not affected by disease and are not drawn out. Seedlings are both stocky and dense. If the soil is prepared correctly, then in the seedling period, the plant does not require fertilizing.

Tomato of this variety can be grown both individually and joint plantings. It is also possible to refuse picks.

Transplant into the ground

As soon as the threat of return frost has passed, the seedlings are transplanted into open ground or greenhouses.

Not tall, compact bushes growers often planted in tubs and put up on the terraces or patio. You can grow this variety on the balconies and loggias.

The distance between plants during landing is selected in the range of 25-30 cm.


When growing this variety, the plant will need:

  • watering;
  • dressings;
  • loosening;
  • mulching
Short, standard tomato does not require much attention. Vegetable growers, who rarely visit the garden, say that this tomato forms itself. To tie and stepchild it is not necessary. The plant is stocky, elastic, it is not afraid of gusty wind.

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Top dressing

The variety does not require special dressings, since it is not a high yield that is genetically laid, and it cannot grow large fruits. However, after 2-3 weeks after disembarkation, the bushes should be fed with a solution of ammonium nitrate (2 tablespoons per bucket of water).

3 weeks after the first feeding spend the second. To do this, in a bucket of water bred 2 tbsp. spoons of superphosphate and add 0.5 liters to each tomato bush.

If the weather does not favor flowering and fruit set, it is advisable to treat with a solution of boric acid. To do this, spend spraying inflorescences, preparing a solution with 1 g of the pharmaceutical preparation of boric acid and 1 liter of water. The multiplicity of spraying 1 time in 2 weeks.

Tomato Reviews

Vegetable growers who annually test several varieties, sharing their opinions, became indignant. It turned out that firms packing the seeds at some stage produced a re-grading and indicating that the stem variety was packing the seeds of a very similar, but tall variety, this caused mistrust. Tall varieties require garters and the formation that stops vegetable growers.

Aelita has launched another very similar sort of ladybird on the market. Comparing tomatoes "Cranberries in sugar" description of the variety, characteristics, yield, all not in favor of "cranberries". However, to have your own opinion you need to sow and grow and perhaps sourness will like it.

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