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What kind of tomatoes to plant in the Leningrad region?


The climate of the North-West of the country is not very suitable for growing thermophilic tomatoes, but gardeners still manage to get good results. Selecting the most fruitful tomatoes for the Leningrad region, taking into account the zoning of varieties, to collect the sweet fruits of the strength even for beginners.

Features of the climate of the region and the choice of varieties

Growing tomatoes in the Leningrad region is an art, although the basic agrotechnical methods are traditional. It is necessary to take into account the particular climate of the area:

  • high humidity;
  • short period of warm days, cool in summer;
  • a small number of sunny days;
  • early onset of cold weather.

On this basis, tomato varieties for the Leningrad region must withstand low illumination, cold, temperature variations. In conditions of high humidity there is a risk of occurrence of diseases; therefore, the characteristic of resistance to infections, including the dangerous phytophthora, is important. It is preferable to early hybrids, which have time to quickly generate a crop, to accumulate sweetness in the fruit, even with a minimum amount of sun.

The State Register of the Russian Federation lists zoned varieties for the Leningrad Region and, in general, for the North-West. For planting also suitable hybrids, designed for areas of Siberia, the Far East, the Urals. Tomato seeds for the Leningrad Region are offered by the agrofirms Gavrish, Sortsemovoshch, Aelita, Sibsad, SeDek.

The culture is grown in a variety of shelters, film and polycarbonate greenhouses. Sowing on seedlings of tomatoes in the Leningrad region begin from the end of February, always using additional lighting. Since the soils in the region are mainly podzolic, they contribute organic matter in the norm, complex compounds to improve fertility rates. Planting in a greenhouse or polycarbonate shelters - at the end of May, tomatoes are determined on the ridges not earlier than the first week of June, focusing on the weather.

tomatoes for the Leningrad region

Early tomatoes for the Leningrad region

The group with small terms of maturing takes the first positions among the varieties grown by gardeners of the region. These are the tomatoes:

  • A parodist is a variety that has appeared not so long ago and has shown itself well in the difficult climate of the Leningrad Region. Bushes are small, stepchild is not required. Tomatoes are ready for harvest (technical ripeness stage) for about 80 days. It is considered a high-yielding salad variety, fruits are large, up to 150 grams;
  • Alpha - included in the lists of the State Register, gives the best results on the ridges. It is appreciated for its great taste (despite the early terms of cleaning), unpretentiousness. Standard plants do not stepchild, they only insert stakes for supports, when the fruits go;
  • Beta Lux - is included in the group of ultra-speeds, amicably forms tomatoes. Fruits, filled with juice, weigh under 80-100 grams. Suitable for any purpose, tasty in salads. 2-2.2 kg of tomatoes are removed from the plant;
  • Blush Petersburg - resistant to the diseases of solanaceous variety, with pink-red fruits. Harves ripen quickly, after 85 days you can shoot green tomatoes. Well dispensed at home. Most often, this variety canned;
  • Scarlet candles - he has tomatoes of the original form - elongated, with a "nose", similar to the tongue of a candle flame. In any summer season, together "knits" the fruits, suitable for pickles, pickling. Plants are powerful, so they need to be formed (two trunks), pruned stepsons.
  • Hurricane F1 - refers to the group of carpal species of culture. Usually they lead him into one trunk, all side stepchildren are removed. Tomatoes in the hands are even, about 5 pieces each, weighing 100-120 grams. For a hybrid, the taste is pleasant and truly tomato. For salads it is recommended to let the fruits ripen on the bushes, the taste will be sweeter;
  • Northerner - a tomato whose originator is the biotechnical agricultural firm. Fruits weighing up to 180 grams ripen on the first hand, and this is in the standard grade. Unpretentious plant is well adapted to low light conditions, low temperatures. It is easy to grow even inexperienced gardeners. Collection - after 92 days, the fruits ripen with tassels;
  • Yvette F1 is a hybrid form, it is notable for good keeping quality of ripe fruits, suitability for transportation. Brushes with 5-6 fruits are formed on powerful bushes, weight is 150 grams. It is desirable to land on the ridge under the non-woven material, under the film;
  • Summer Garden is an interesting hybrid of new generation tomatoes. Bred specifically for the Russian regions with a temperate climate and lower temperatures. Shrubs are suitable for planting in any shelter, as well as on the beds. Tomatoes are round, slightly flattened, good pleasant taste.
  • Rocket - The name was due to the similarity of the fruit with a rocket. Vegetables elongated, dense, with a characteristic "nose". Peel with gloss. By weight - 50-60 grams. Aligned fruits canned, make various marinades, pickles.
On a note!

When growing, 6-8 bushes per square meter are placed. In conditions of thickened plantings, the Rocket is abundantly fruiting.

Early varieties are not so fruitful, but they are stable and reliable.

tomato rocket

The best varieties of tomatoes for cultivation in open ground

Gardeners who grow crops right on the ridges note the excellent taste of such vegetables and their inherent aroma. At the beginning of summer, as well as in August, plants cover up from cold weather and possible frost. Choosing which varieties of tomatoes are suitable, priority is given to species resistant to infections and cold.


Bred by breeders to adapt to the humid and cool climate of the North-West. A short summer is not a hindrance to this variety, the crop forms quickly, does not get sick. Tomatoes with meaty content, weigh 120-150 grams. Seeds are often sold in the North Collection category.



Positive reviews give summer residents of Leningrad region this orange fruit variety. Plants up to 0.6 meters, with moderate foliage. Since there are many fruits during the ripening period, it is recommended to tie the branches and the trunk itself to strong supports.



From the group of stunted varieties, so it is better to plant directly on the garden beds. Often, gardeners planted Amber in containers on the balcony, and then brought to the cottage. Bushes differ decorative, especially when covered with orange tomatoes. They weigh 50-70 grams.

Delicious fruits of Amber - with honey aroma, juicy. In the pulp there are few seeds, but in terms of the content of the picture, this low-growing tomato is superior to many indeterminant yellow varieties. Since the peel of a tomato is dense, and the size is small, they are most often allowed to be preserved and salted.

White filling

filling in

Undeservedly forgotten by many white filling gradesuitable for outdoor cultivation. Does not require complex care, stepsons can not be removed.

On a note!

It is advisable to provide pegs for garter bushes during the yield of the crop.

Fruit picks are stable in any summer season.Tomatoes are leveled, up to 100-130 grams, first green and white, then red. Most often, gardeners remove Bely pouring into the stage of technical ripeness, dispensing home in boxes and boxes. Does not crack. The taste is pleasant, with characteristic sourness. Considering that the fruits ripen early, they use the variety mainly for salads.

F1 Severenok


The good hybrid intended for disembarkation in the conditions of moderate temperatures. It is suitable for the North-West, as it quickly forms a crop, it is not subject to phytophthora.

Bushes grow up to 70 cm, usually gardeners remove stepchildren to the brush of the first tier. The rest is standard care. Collect tomatoes in July, using for processing and salads. The fruits are fleshy, pleasant taste, long lie and tolerate transportation. Weigh 120-140 grams.

Apparently invisible

Refers to varieties with stretched fruit yield. Suitable for cultivation in the ridges, gives an excellent harvest in the cool summer season.

The first tomatoes are tied in a brush above the 4th leaf. Rounded, at first dark green, then gradually painted in saturated pink color. Weigh no more than 120 grams. Like many new varieties, Apparently invisibly distinguishes good taste, while the tomato is early, ripens in 90 days.

Siberian triple

Variety for temperate regions. Differs in strong seedling, fast zavyazyvayemost tomatoes. Plants in a short time reach the phase of technical ripeness, the fruit is ready for harvest in 90 days.

Tomatoes of elongated shape, similar to Bulgarian peppers, 10-14 cm long. Up to 5 kg are removed from the bush, and even in the conditions of a short summer, the fruits have time to collect sweetness. Go to salting, for cooking various dishes. Many housewives canned this tomato, which looks beautiful in a platter with cucumbers and squash.

Varieties of reliable tomatoes for greenhouses

black Prince

Breeders have tried to bring to the areas of this complex region of fruit varieties that are resistant to frequent changes of weather. In shelters they cultivate not only early, but also mid-season, late tomatoes, which have time to produce results before the onset of cold days.

Top grades:

  • Northern beauty - a variety with high immunity, successfully tolerating temperature changes. Excellent fruits in shelters, gives tomatoes elongated with an elongated "nose". By weight - 80-120 grams, with a dense shell. Contents sweet, saturated pink color;
  • The black prince is from the category of exotics, since it forms brown tomatoes with a black tint of color. Weigh up to 500 grams, mostly suitable for making salads. Bushes grow powerful, up to 2-2.5 meters, so in the greenhouses of the polycarbonate necessarily prepare trellis or set stakes for supports. This tomato is little susceptible to major diseases, appreciated for juiciness and excellent taste;
  • Outbreak - bestows a large number of small (up to 80 grams) tomatoes. The crop gives off quickly (as it flashes), the taste is pleasant, with characteristic sweetness. Tomatoes are suitable for long-term storage, do not deteriorate during transportation;
  • Misha in the north - estimated as a high-yield tomato with medium-sized fruits. Ultra early dates, so the plant is not afraid of the disease. Tomatoes of good taste, fragrant. For many tomatoes such ripening periods are characterized by sourness, but Mishka does not have it in the north;
  • Fighter - in directories can be found under the name Buyan. Suitable for greenhouses with film cover, planting under the arc on the beds. Can grow in open ground. It does not need to remove stepsons, requires minimal maintenance. In simple inflorescences formed red "cream" weighing 50-70 grams. In the first brushes, the tomatoes are slightly larger, then - small, aligned. 2-3 kg are collected from the plant.
  • Tomato Leningrad early - according to the description it is a hybrid form, known to gardeners of the region by early harvest. In the conditions of the North-West gives a good result, the products are suitable for sale.Tomatoes of medium size, 100 grams each, rich red-pink color;
  • Autumn Leningrad - a poetic name given to a tomato in honor of the region. The variety of average terms of fruit harvesting is distinguished by its tallness, resistance to the lack of sunlight. Good tying tomatoes in adverse conditions, but the yield in a good summer is much higher. Tomatoes up to 120 grams, traditional round shape, with the usual taste;
  • The Leningrad giant is a tomato that deserves only kind words from the gardeners of the Leningrad region. Praise him for the taste, friendly formation of ovaries, stable returns and a large weight of tomatoes. By weight - 280-300 grams, use - for salads. Be sure to form the plant in the greenhouse, removal of lateral stems;
  • Dobrun F1 - originator is the company "Gavrish". The hybrid form is intended for cultivation in temperate climates (in shelters). Very tall, up to 2-2.5 meters bush forms powerful inflorescences after 11 leaves. There are no creases in the hand, the fruits are even, by weight - 150-160 grams. In the formation of inflorescences receive large tomatoes under 200-230 grams. The ripe fruits of Dobrunya are kept at home for up to one and a half months;
  • Baron F1 - when cultivated in ordinary film shelters is collected from one square meter to 15 kg. Very productive, non-capricious hybrid, good sweet taste. Fruit picking - 115 days. Tomatoes by weight up to 140 grams, bright maroon or red.

These tomato varieties are resistant to the adverse conditions of the northern regions, tolerate temperature fluctuations, often manifested in greenhouses.

Low-growing tomatoes for the Leningrad region

undersized varieties

Favorites of summer residents of the region - tomatoes of small stature, cold-resistant, not susceptible to infections. Planted them immediately on the ridge, prepare greenhouses or tunnels, arrange arcs with film. Their productivity is not as great as that of indeterminate relatives, but they are reliable, do not fail in temperate climates, and do not require complicated agrotechnical methods.


It is advisable to land under the shelter, as the yield will be higher. Bushes dwarfs, cold-resistant, the growing season - up to 95 days. Tomatoes are not large, but good bright taste. Suitable for mixed vegetables, pickles.


Plants up to 40 cm, hung with tomatoes. Bushes are upright, with corrugated leaves typical for shtambov. The brushes are simple, compactly arranged, five pieces of fruit are formed. At first they are light green, then red, with a slight ribbing. Weigh up to 70 grams, mostly go for pickling, fresh food.

Apple tree

apple tree

Gardeners appreciate the grade for resistance to high humidity. With frequent rains in the region, Yablonka fruits abundantly, does not get sick. Tomatoes weigh 80-100 grams, tasty, with an unusual spicy note. Suitable for blanks (salted, canned), and for fresh consumption.


Loved by many gardeners of the region variety of stunted tomatoes. On the ridges the bushes grow no more than half a meter, the tomatoes are tied quickly and together. Deadline - 90-95 days.

In this class, it is important to harvest in time, otherwise in overripe form it will not be so sweet and tasty. Sanka resistant to disease, managing to “run away” from phytophtoras in the early stages.



Surprisingly, with its 25 cm, this plant gives a good harvest of fruits. Dwarf shtambov bushes of type with dark green foliage. In simple inflorescences fruits form up to 120 grams.

On a note!

Yamal is considered one of the delicious tomatoes of early ripening.

Ties tomatoes even during long periods of low temperatures, well adapted to humid climates.


The representative of varieties of low altitude, but excellent yields. Tomatoes of good taste, 150-180 grams, maroon. Well suited for landing in the tunnels, gives 9 kg per 1 square. meter On one bush - 5-6 tomatoes.



Cold-resistant popular variety, widely distributed in all areas of the region.On the ridges gives a good harvest, 7-8 kg per 1 square meter. It is registered in the list of the State Registry, it is considered a variety wagon. The tomatoes are elongated, like “boats”, of a dense consistency, red-orange color. Weight - 80-100 grams. The variety Shuttle is usually recommended for beginners, as in any conditions no one will be left without a crop.

Leningrad chill


All overt this tomato: lack of sun, excess moisture, coolness. He has time to quickly give the crop, by the beginning of July, even in the conditions of the North-West. Bushes are compact, not branched, tomatoes are collected in large heavy clusters. The fruits are shaped like an egg, the flesh is dense, juicy. Coloring - rich orange with red tints.

Far North

Far North

It grows quickly, quickly gives the harvest. Indicators of fruit harvesting from this short-growing tomato are not high, but he will be pleased with early production. Smooth balls like red tomatoes ripen in unison, suitable for pickles, fresh food.



This variety is planted only in greenhouses. It is small in height, up to 60 cm, gives an excellent collection of orange "cream" of sweet taste. Non-capricious tomato "knits" the fruit in any conditions, resistant to low light. In terms of - medium late, but in the Leningrad region time in shelters to give a harvest. Tomatoes by weight up to 80 grams, deadly, suitable for transportation. Since they ripen later in August, they are used for the preparation of winter supplies (pickles, conservation).

Amur Shtamb


He became famous in many regions, appreciated by the summer residents of the North-Western regions of the country. It grows up to half a meter, unripe tomatoes - light green, then, as ripening - dark red. One plant can give up to 4-5 kg. Non-capricious, resistant to all adverse weather factors grade. It does not reduce the performance even with long rainfall and on cold days, it does not get sick.


This miniature variety will surprise with beautiful glossy tomatoes. Bushes grow to 40 cm, in the fruiting stage completely covered with round tomatoes. Cornet does not need to remove the lateral processes, grows well in the open air, does not get sick. Responsive to watering. Fruits of a balanced taste, with bright notes of sweetness.

Polar early


The originator of the early lice is the Siberian Garden. It belongs to the determinant varieties, the bushes with low foliage. Tomatoes get enough light and heat, ripen quickly. I reach 100 grams by weight, under comfortable conditions - up to 150 grams. Multi-chamber tomatoes, dry matter in the composition - 6-7%, very sweet.



Adapted to cold weather, dwarf species (bushes up to 40 cm), with plum tomatoes. It differs by plasticity, grows well right on the ridges, it is not susceptible to fittotor. The crop is removed early, after 90 days. No special farming is required: watering, feeding and loosening.

Summer resident

summer resident

Shrubs are very compact, up to 50 cm, stepchildren are not removed. At the time of ripening, the plants are tied up with small pegs, as they can tilt under the weight of the fruit. Manages to "go" from late blight, slightly affected by other diseases. A good option for those summer residents who rarely come to the site. Tomatoes varieties summer resident 50-80 grams, with dense skin. The main use is preservation.

For cultivation in a difficult climate of the Leningrad region, it is recommended to choose zoned varieties. They are unpretentious, stable, so even in the cool and rainy season the gardener will be with the harvest.

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