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Fertilizer from potato broth for seedlings

Fertilizer from potato broth for seedlings

A lot of different secrets from gardeners. They are useful, effective and much safer than store-based drugs. Here, for example, potato broth. It turns out that it can be used as a fertilizer for seedlings. Only first you should familiarize yourself with the rules of its preparation and use.

What is useful

For the normal development of seedlings need a lot of micronutrients. At the very beginning, it has enough fertile soil. But from about 30-40 days of life, young sprouts begin to experience a deficiency in potassium. This component is necessary for good flowering, budding and further formation of fruits, as well as:

Fertilizer from potato broth for seedlings
  • photosynthesis stimulation;
  • increased carbohydrate outflow from the leaf plate to other parts of the plant;
  • increase resistance to various diseases;
  • increase the cold tolerance and stress resistance of seedlings.

Potato decoction at this time can come to the rescue. Potatoes - this is the most kaliolyubivoy plant. Therefore, there is a lot of this element in tubers. During heat treatment, potassium is washed out of tubers and goes into the water. Therefore, the water after cooking is a liquid saturated with potassium, which can become an environmentally friendly, natural supplement for seedlings.

How to cook and apply

The best is the water remaining after cooking potatoes in the "uniform". Tubers should be pre-washed, then pour so that the tubers are covered, and cook after boiling over medium heat for 20-25 minutes. Do not salt!

In the second place is a decoction of potato peelings. They should be thoroughly washed, add water and boil after boiling over low heat for 25-30 minutes. Water, of course, salt is also not necessary.

You can apply the one in which the peeled tubers were boiled. But this solution is already in third place in terms of benefits. Salt is banned.


Drain broth hot. Cool it should without potatoes.

The resulting solution can be used immediately after cooling.

If it is a liquid from under the potato in a “uniform” or from under the cleansing, then the plants should be watered under the root in the same volume as with water, every 7-10 days before the transplant into the ground.

Broth from under the peeled potatoes before use must be diluted in half with distilled water. It is important that the precipitate does not fall on the soil. He will lure midges and insect pests. The solution should always be fresh. Its shelf life is not more than a day.

If you add 1-2 drops of iodine to the potato broth, the solution will positively influence the root system, which is especially useful after the picking.

Potato decoction is an excellent dressing not only for seedlings, but also for all plants, including indoor plants. Check it out efficiency and you. Perhaps it is this liquid that will give your “pets” the necessary strength.

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Fertilizer from potato broth for seedlingsFertilizer from potato broth for seedlings

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