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Characteristics of tomato "Gypsy", description of the variety

In this article we will talk about a very unusual form - “Gypsy” tomato. The description of the variety and its photo show you the uniqueness of the fruit. Reviews culture has good. There are pluses and minuses as, however, the majority of tomatoes. Let's find out more about the Gypsy.

General description of "Gypsy"

This variety belongs to the free selection. It is produced by many companies, so it is easy for you to buy seeds. Already many gardeners were convinced that this tomato is really very unusual, it diversifies your beds, table, and blanks. If you like lettuce varieties, then “Gypsy” is for you, despite the slight dryness of the pulp, the taste of fruits is sweet, the aroma is pleasant.

Why "Gypsy"? Indeed, the name is unusual, and it is given for the dark color of the skin. Moreover, this variety is not just rich red, it is brown with black stripes near the stem. For lovers of everything unusual, and not like everyone else - this is a great option.

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Tomato "Gypsy". Characteristics and description of the variety

  • Tomatoes can be grown both on the street and in film shelters, greenhouses. In the first case, the bushes will be more compact up to 70-85 cm, in the second they can reach a meter. As a rule, tying stalks is not required.
  • Fruits are formed actively, the yield of the bush can reach five kg.
  • The mass of fruits is small, rarely reaches 250 grams, usually 100-120 grams, which is convenient for housewives who like to preserve tomatoes in the whole form.
  • Tomato is not a hybrid, does not have absolute resistance to common diseases. But It is worth noting that many of them arise precisely from improper care, including excessive watering and the absence of loosening.
  • Shrubs determinative.
  • The variety is valued for high yields and for the fact that seed germination is high.
  • Treats grades with average terms of maturing. So, from the moment of the first shoots to harvest, it takes about 100-110 days.
  • The skin of the fruit is not hard, the shape is round, contains many useful substances.
  • Long can be stored under appropriate conditions, as well as transported for a long time. Due to its unusual appearance and good transportability plus yield, a variety can be grown for sale.
  • Shrubs need to be staved.
  • The maximum yield of the variety gives the formation of two or three stems.

As for the benefits, then, of course, it has a pleasant taste with sourness, unusual appearance, storage and yield. Cons - the possibility of disease, although rarely, attacks by insects, formation and staging. But for some, these are minor matters that will help to get excellent, unique in appearance fruits.

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Growing tomato "Gypsy"

Crops begin in March, you can even sow in early April. All varieties that can be susceptible to disease are always best treated in preparations or in a simple solution of manganese. It will disinfect them. Nutrient soil is poured into the container, which can be bought in many stores, after which the seeds go down by 1-1.5 cm, then the ground is moistened and covered with all the film until the time of entry. Now the seedlings need light, watering as they dry.

In May and early June, the seedlings are transferred to the open ground, after it was dived before, if you did not plant the seeds at once, and quenched. The soil is prepared in advance - they dig, make a complex preparation that contains potassium, phosphorus and nitrogen. Next, 3-4 bushes are planted per square meter.Two weeks later, you can make the first feed, they will need 2-3 per season. Tomatoes love mullein, urea, chicken manure, infusions on yeast and weeds. You can buy and immediately ready fertilizer.

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The butchers are removed every 7-10 days. To form a bush in 2-3 stalks, 1-2 stepsons and the main stalk are left in the upper sinuses. So, the harvest will be better. So that diseases do not affect the seedlings, you need to make sure that the seedlings do not grow in the wet ground, it should be moderately moistened, let the air through. Subcortex is also important. For prevention, you can spray the planting of copper sulfate until the ovary.

These are basic measures, in addition to removing weeds, garters, if the bushes have overgrown. There is nothing difficult, but the result is excellent.

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