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Tomato "Snow White" - description of the variety

Today, according to tradition, we continue to acquaint you with different types of tomatoes, and the topic of conversation will be the tomato “Snow White” and its description of the variety. Beautiful name of an interesting tomato. He is loved by summer residents for unpretentious temper and a number of positive qualities. About them further.

general description

If you are looking for a tomato that will deliver you a minimum of serfs, besides, the weather in your region is not always good, then this variety is for you. He is not afraid of cold, heat, pests. Warm fruits early, bushes and tomatoes are compact, because you no longer need garters and formation, which saves time.

Small fruits are convenient for whole canning, but can also be used for salads and sauces. It is worth noting that the bushes do not need and form, which is also not all gardeners love. They feel great in open and closed ground.

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Tomato "Snow White" and its varietal characteristics

  • Tomatoes are early ripe varieties. From the time of sowing and until the first fruits are obtained, approximately 85-90 days will pass.
  • Bushes are very compact. The height does not exceed half a meter.
  • It has a small amount of leaves.
  • Fruit weight 90-120 grams. They have a rounded shape, thick skin and a beautiful glossy red color.
  • Tomatoes do not crack.
  • Very tasty and fragrant.
  • They have a universal table purpose. Delicious fresh and in a twist.
  • Resistant to disease, as the fruits are formed early.
  • The harvest ripens amicably and evenly.
  • The yield of a small bush up to 3 kg.
  • It showed itself perfectly during cultivation in the Central and Chernozem regions.
  • Grown since 2008.
  • Cold-resistant and heat-resistant grade.
  • Well stored and transported.

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How to grow tomato "Snow White"

All agricultural technology is very standard and simple. Seeds before planting pickled, then planted in a well-ventilated soil, in terms of - this is the month of March. Saplings in open ground are transferred when they are 50-55 days old. If it is cold outside, then for young seedlings it is better to make a shelter, then the variety will no longer be afraid of weather extremes. Tomato "Snow White" collects great reviews, gardeners share photos. Productivity, though not the greatest, but still stable, and the quality of the fruit is high.

You can plant seeds in a separate container and joint. The first option is preferable, because then you will be able to bypass the routine picks. The soil is sold in stores, you can mix the garden soil, humus, sand and ash. If there is peat, then you can add it. If you are worried about the nutritional value of the soil, then add a spoonful of mineral preparation. It is better to take biological agents that do not harm the future harvest and make it environmentally friendly. In general, there are many folk recipes fertilizing.

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Watering tomatoes need 2-3 per week, do not fill. Every time it is better to loosen the soil. Top dressing can bring organic and purchased mineral. This may be humus, compost, mullein, litter, infusions of yeast, weeds or ready-made tools in the store. They are on sale very much. More trouble you should not have.

That's all you need to know about this tomato. Everything is simple and you will not have difficulties, because it is a great option for the new season.

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