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Tomatoes giants for Central Russia

Large tomatoes have sweet sugar pulp, which will appeal to all, and one such fruit can feed the whole family. For fans of giant tomatoes, we have made a selection of the most popular varieties with photos and descriptions intended for Central Russia. You can grow them in greenhouse conditions and on the street, the yield will be good in any case.

Giant Red

The stem-type indeterminate shrub grows to 180 cm. In the Middle Belt, tomatoes are planted under film, but can be grown in open ground. The variety has good frost resistance, does not get sick, is slightly affected by blight, powdery mildew, rot. Due to the high growth of the shoots required need a garter and pasynkovanie. By the time of ripening, the Giant belongs to mid-season varieties, since 100-105 days pass from the moment of emergence of shoots to harvest. The yield is 12 kg per sq.m.

The main pride of the variety are giant tomatoes with juicy sweet pulp. There is no sour taste in taste, the number of seed chambers is 6-8. The weight of one tomato can be about 700-800 g, or even more. The first ripe fruits reach a mass of almost kg. Giant Red is ideal for cutting into salads and for processing. From pulp it turns out excellent tomato juice, mashed potatoes and even pasta. Merits Giant red are:

  • high taste characteristics;
  • disease resistance;
  • the possibility of landing on the street;
  • high yield.

The main lack of a grade - insufficient safety of fruits. Tomatoes are not intended for long-term storage, they should be eaten or made from them immediately after harvest.

On a note!

If you remove ripe tomatoes in a cool place at a temperature of + 4-6 degrees, then they can be stored for up to 7-10 days.

Cuneo - giant pear

The result of Italian breeding was a variety of tomatoes with an unusual talking name - Cuneo a giant pear. The shape of the tomato really resembles a fruit: its shape is expanded to the bottom, and the mass is 300-400 g. When cut, the flesh produces a pleasant aroma, and it tastes sweet, without sourness. Pear bred for fresh consumption, for the preparation of juices, pastes and mashed potatoes.

For growing it is better to use a greenhouse, because the frost resistance of plants is low, they perceive temperature drops poorly. Indeterminate type plants with medium foliage. The length of the main shoot reaches about 2 m, requires tying to the trellis. Winning active, staving should be carried out regularly. The plant lead to 2-3 stalks. Productivity makes 10-11 kg from 1 sq.m. In Cuneo, the giant pear has the following advantages:

  • active formation of good quality fruits;
  • great taste;
  • universal use;
  • good yield indicator.

The giant pear has disadvantages, for example, it does not tolerate not only frost, but also drought. Watering plants should be frequent, but in moderation. From a lack of moisture and from its excess tomato skin cracks.

Bull heart

One of the most popular giant varieties is the Bull Heart variety. Tomatoes ripen in a gigantic size and weigh 800-900 g each. The flesh is red with a sweet taste, very juicy. The shape of a tomato heart-shaped, slightly elongated at the bottom. Tomatoes for table purpose, more used for processing. Fruits ripen after 115 days from emergence of shoots.

Grow Bullish heart in the middle zone in greenhouse conditions. For street cultivation, the variety is suitable, but only for the southern regions. When breeding under a film, the yield is at least 10-12 kg per square meter, and when breeding outdoors, the figure is 5 kg per square meter Plants with a stem height of under 2 m, the first ovaries are formed over 8 leaflets, and then repeated through the leaf. The Bull heart has a lot of advantages:

  • simultaneous ripening of the crop;
  • good transportability and keeping quality of fruits;
  • sweet taste of fruit;
  • attractive appearance.

Gardeners point out some minor flaws in the variety. First of all, it is low resistance to diseases. Shrubs sometimes suffer from late blight, are attacked by insects.


Larger tomatoes ripen on the lower shoots, and on the crown and upper branches tomatoes with a smaller mass are formed.

Russian size f1

In the early 2000s, Russian breeders presented a hybrid with excellent taste characteristics and resistance to late blight, tobacco mosaic virus, and cladosporia. The plant is an indeterminate, it grows to a height of 180 cm. In addition to strong immunity, the bushes are not afraid of night frosts, therefore in Central Russia can be grown not only under film shelters, but also outdoors. Yield index is stable, less than 7-8 kg of tomatoes from 1 square. m does not happen.

Maturity stage occurs 125-130 days after the start of cultivation. The color of the tomatoes is red with a glossy sheen. The shape is round, very appetizing, weight - 350-400 g. On the surface there is no ribbing, the flesh at the cut is red with a sweet taste. The variety is considered to be a salad; it is also suitable for canning. Russian size farmers grow for sale, because of the attractive appearance of tomatoes quickly snapping up. Positive qualities of the Russian size are called:

  • high taste qualities;
  • the correct form;
  • strong immunity;
  • stable yield indicator.

The main disadvantage of the variety is the late term of ripening.

Raspberry giant

The early ripe determinant variety is the tomato variety. raspberry giant. Maturation occurs 100 days after the seedlings emerge. It is not necessary to pinch the bush, the stem is formed strong, without unnecessary foliage. Height of an adult plant does not exceed 1 meter. The crimson giant is planted in a greenhouse, but it is also possible to grow tomatoes outside. Productivity is very big: from 1 sq.m. 18 kg of fruits are harvested; when planted in the street, the indicator may deteriorate.

The fruits grow beautiful, fleshy. Color of a skin and pulp bright red. The weight of each fruit can be from 300 to 500 g. The pulp is of sweet taste, with a slight pleasant sourness. Raspberry giant is suitable for fresh consumption, for the manufacture of blanks. Tomatoes are stored for a long time in a cool place, characterized by good transportability and keeping quality.

The advantages of the Crimson Giant are:

  • early ripening;
  • very good yield;
  • resistance to pests and diseases;
  • good transportability.

The disadvantages include the impossibility of harvesting seeds from the harvested crop, since the crimson giant is a hybrid.


For greenhouse cultivation is well suited tomato variety Brutus. Shrubs tall, 1.6 m in height, require garters and pasynkovaniya. To increase the number of tomatoes, agronomists recommend keeping the plant in 1-2 stems, not more. To frost and viruses in plants, the average resistance. The term of ripening is medium early; it takes 110-120 days from germination.

The fruits ripen to red color, weigh 500-600 g each, sometimes the weight reaches 1 kg. The taste is standard, sweet and sour, the pulp is juicy. For fresh consumption, the variety is ideal, the hostesses of tomatoes love to make juices, sauces, homemade adjika.The yield with proper cultivation techniques is 8-9 kg of tomatoes per planting meter. Brutus has several advantages:

  • large weight of tomatoes;
  • sweet juicy flesh;
  • universal consumption;
  • good yield indicator.

Brutus requires additional care during cultivation: it is a prophylactic treatment of diseases, since cases of late blight and tobacco mosaic infection are not uncommon. The variety responds well to fertilizing with organic matter, mineral fertilizers.


Soil for tomato seedlings should be porous, fertile. For the formation of soil using peat, humus.

Napa Giant

The novelties of giant tomato varieties include the product of the American selection Giant Napa. It is only suitable for growing under film cover due to its low frost resistance. Sprawling shrubs, the usual type, 1.8 m in height. Plants need a strong garter and obligatory sticks. Formation in 1 stalk is recommended. The term of ripening is medium, from the formation of seedlings to harvesting 110 days pass.

Fruits are flat-rounded with sugar pulp. Maturity stage occurs in all tomatoes at the same time, they become pink in color. There is no cracking on the skin. The flesh is sweet, "watermelon" type. The weight of one tomato reaches 350-500 g. If you normalize the number of ovaries, you can get tomatoes weighing almost up to 1 kg. The fruits are designed for any purpose: they are suitable for fresh consumption, for the manufacture of pickles and sauces. The yield per plant is 3-4 kg of tomatoes.

The virtues of the Napa Giant are:

  • gigantic tomatoes;
  • good taste;
  • resistance to diseases and pests;
  • high yield.

The Giant Napa has some disadvantages. This is a moodiness to watering, the need for regular dressings. To get a good giving birth to tomatoes, you need to take care of it regularly.


Plants form into erect bushes 1.3–1.5 m high. Plant Giant can be in the greenhouse, also suitable street landing. The grade is unpretentious in leaving, is not exacting to weather conditions and surrounding temperature. Resistance to diseases is high, the bushes are not affected by powdery mildew, tobacco mosaic, rot and blight. The ripening period is early, the fruits ripen after 100 days from the moment of planting the seeds for seedlings.

Giant is famous for its high-quality harvest. Tomatoes are beautiful, large, weighing 400-500 g. The weight of the first fruits can be 700 g. The number of seed chambers inside is 5-6, there are few seeds. The flesh and skin of a bright pink color, taste sweet-sour. Purpose varieties - fresh use, preservation, production of juices and mashed potatoes. Productivity makes 8-10 kg of tomatoes from the landing meter.

Giant has the following advantages:

  • attractive shape and good taste;
  • unpretentious care;
  • the possibility of street cultivation;
  • disease resistance.

There are no flaws in the variety, gardeners advise him to plant not only in the Central Belt, but throughout Russia.

Ox heart

Mid-season indeterminate plants grow well in the greenhouse fertile soil. Variety is not a hybrid. The yield is 7-8 kg of tomatoes per 1 sq. M. When planting in open ground, the yield is reduced by 1.5-2 times. Variety Ox heart not susceptible to the majority of tomato diseases, infection cases almost never occur. Approximately 110 days to the ripening of tomatoes from planting. Garter to the trellis is necessary, the plant is 1-2 stems.

The shape of a tomato is heart-shaped, the skin is colored red-pink. The taste of the flesh is sweet, without sourness. Pulp sugar. The mass of tomato ranges from 300 to 800 g. Grow the ox-heart for fresh consumption, the crop is also suitable for processing.Tomatoes do not differ in long-term storage, they deteriorate quickly, and therefore eat them immediately after harvest.

The strengths of the variety are called:

  • good immune ability;
  • large fruits;
  • fruit transportability;
  • no cracks on the skin;
  • high yield.

Among the shortcomings gardeners say insufficient keeping quality of tomatoes.


From non-hybrid varieties, seeds can be harvested for planting next year. The shelf life of such seeds is at least 3-5 years from the date of collection.

Giant tomatoes grow well in a nutrient mixture in which mineral compounds and organic matter are contained. When growing, they follow the proper agricultural practices: they feed the seedlings, water it regularly, and loosen the soil. With proper care, tomatoes will grow gigantic and very tasty, and their number will be impressive.

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