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The most unusual varieties of tomatoes in shape, color and taste

Unusual Tomato Varieties

Gardeners are creative people eager for various experiments. It’s not enough for them to grow traditional tomatoes, so they appear in the garden beds. unusual and rare varieties of tomatoes. Their fruits differ in shape, color, attract unusual taste, yield. Many exotics "registered" in the areas of Russian summer residents and successfully bear fruit, pleasing their owners.


The original variety with brown-maroon fruits will surprise with unpretentiousness and resistance to diseases. The tomato is mid-season, belongs to the group of indeterminate species. It grows up to 1.8 meters, in the areas of the middle belt and to the north it is grown only in greenhouses.

Powerful bushes necessarily stepson, lead to two trunks. It is advisable to grow on the trellis. Fruits of two types:

  • in the form of peppers with pronounced longitudinal ribs;
  • truffle-shaped.

Weigh about 200-250 grams, with juicy sugar on the fracture of the pulp. In some instances there are small voids, but in general the fruits are fleshy. The skin is thin, in the stage of full maturity saturated brown with purple tints of color. 3-4 kg of fruits are removed from the bush. Used in salads, for the preparation of sauces, pasta.

Indigo Blueberry

A variety of American breeding, the original name is Indigo Blue Berries. Cherry-shaped tomato, indeterminate, tall (up to 1.8 meters). Fruits are small, resemble cherry, pink-purple with purple color near the stem. Weigh 10-15 grams each, in hands about 18-20 pieces.

The taste is sweet, with a bright aroma. Disease-resistant tomato, decorate any area. Fruits are used for dessert, to decorate dishes.

Cafe bule

In the list of rare fruitful tomatoes, the variety Café Bule stands out. Its fruits, similar to miniature pears, are very sweet and tasty. It belongs to the group of indeterminate cherries, in terms of ripening - early (90-100 days).

Plants in greenhouses reach 2 meters, need supports and a garter. Lead a bush in 3-4 trunk, necessarily removing the lower tier of leaves. Tomatoes are dense, pear-shaped, brown-red in color. Weigh 25-30 grams.


  • dessert;
  • decoration of dishes;
  • whole canning.
On a note!

In the greenhouses for every square meter is placed 3-4 bush.

The taste of the fruit is sweet, with a spicy, fruity aroma. Tomato Cafe Bule is disease resistant, not susceptible to phytophthora.

Cream cake

Bicolors are the favorites of gardeners, because, in addition to the unusual coloring, they have excellent taste. Cream cake - from this galaxy of yellow-cream tomatoes with pink highlights. In the stage of full maturity, the fruits look very unusual.

Plants tall (1.6-1.8 meters), powerful. For obtaining the declared indicators of productivity formation in two trunks, regular top-dressings is required. The growing place is greenhouse, the landing is 3 bushes per square meter. From the moment of landing establish support. The fruits are round, slightly flattened, rich cream with a golden shade of color. On the sides are visible pinkish strokes. Weight - from 200 to 400 grams. The flesh is fleshy, sweet. On the cut the edges are golden, the middle of the flesh is pink.

The main use is fresh, the tomato is also used for making juice.Only it is necessary to take into account that from such fruits the juice does not turn out to be saturated red, but pale yellow.

Lev Minusinsky

A long period of fruiting in tomato Leo Minusinsky. The Minusinsky series of varieties includes different types of tomatoes, this one stands out with an unusual ribbed shape and great weight.

The indeterminant tomato forms in one stem, necessarily planted in a high greenhouse. The height of the shelters is at least two meters, as the bush grows to 1.8 meters.

In terms of ripening - srednepozdny view, the fruits ripen gradually, until the cold. Tomatoes are large, round, slightly flat. The pronounced ribbing gives them a resemblance to a fancy red flower. Weight - 350-500 grams. The flesh is juicy, fleshy, the taste is sweet. The main purpose of the fruit - the preparation of juices, pastes, sauces.


Variety from German breeders, allocated large original shape fruits. It looks like a head of garlic with slices of bright red color.

Bushes reach 1.2-1.4 meters, well leafy. Tomatoes weighing 150-200 grams, in a state of full maturity pink-red color. Slices break off easily, and the juice does not flow out. The taste is pleasant, with refreshing notes. In catalogs tomato can be represented under the names Garlic, Traveler from Transylvania


For a fresh meal, a tomato is better not found than a bright yellow-pink Grapefruit. Variety for greenhouses, tall, up to 2 meters.

For large tomatoes, it is recommended to grow in one stem.


  • high yield;
  • large fruits (300-600 grams);
  • original coloring with marble pulp;
  • resistance to major diseases, including late blight.

Fleshy tomatoes on a fracture resemble the core of citrus, few seeds. Judging by the reviews, the variety requires full supplements, it is not susceptible to diseases.


The grade of universal appointment, is suitable for salting, preservation. Bushes are compact, stocky, up to 60 cm in height. Tomatoes are ready for harvest in about 100-110 days (technical ripeness stage). Fruits are elongated, cylindrical, with dense skin.

Pulp dense, saturated tomato taste. Tomatoes weigh up to 150 grams, 10-13 cm long. At the stage of ripening, Gigolo brushes look impressive - 5-7 multicolored tomatoes (green, orange, already ripe red).


  • on salads;
  • conservation;
  • pickling;
  • processing for juice, pasta;
  • drying;
  • stuffing

Gives good fees in greenhouses, on the ridges of open ground.

Michael pollan

A variety of semi-determinant tomatoes, fruitful and unusually sweet. The taste is different from the traditional tomato, is a mixture of fruit shades.

Plants srednerosly, up to 1.2-1.4 meters, bear fruit well in the open. Lead a bush in 3-4 trunks, removing stepchildren. Forms the fruits of the original form in the form of pears, color - green-yellow, stripes. Weight on average - 80-100 grams. Tomato Michael Pollan is resistant to adverse weather conditions, does not shed the ovary, perfectly knits fruit. Consumption: fresh, salted.

On a note!

The taste and color are brighter and richer in plants planted in full sun.

Elberta Peach

Tomatoes from the group of "fluffy" varieties, with red-yellow sweet fruits. Gardeners are attracted by the originality of their coloring, unusual fruit and spicy taste.

Plants tall, up to 180 cm, with fluffy bluish leaves. Require mandatory supports and garters. Most often they form 3 stalks, planting 3-4 shrubs per square meter.

Tomatoes slightly oval or round, dense, with crispy flesh. When fully ripe, the color is red with golden yellow stripes. On the skin - velvet coating, giving the tomatoes a similarity with peach. Weigh 90-120 grams.Used on salads, as desserts, for preservation.

Unusual varieties of tomatoes used to be seen only from collectors. Today, the original “pears” can be planted; anyone can grow green or bicolor sweet tomatoes by writing seeds from catalogs of sites.

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Unusual Tomato VarietiesUnusual Tomato Varieties

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