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"Abakan pink" handsome red

And to make it easy, with the help of our articles about these very, so different, varieties. And today we will continue to acquaint you with another good tomato, take note. The variety of tomato "Abakansky pink" is gaining increasing popularity, so it is written about it further.

general description

This tomato was bred in our country in the Altai Mountains. Breeders created it specifically for our difficult conditions, namely, it can be cultivated in Siberia, in the Far East. Due to this, this variety is not early, because in cold climates summer comes much later. Therefore, you will receive the first harvest in about 110-120 days after the seedlings emerge. But this should not prevent the cultivation of tomatoes "Abakansky pink" in warmer regions, because it will provide an opportunity to receive the crop all summer, if early varieties bear fruit at its beginning, and only then our today's tomato.

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What is so remarkable about the variety, because there are so many positive reviews from summer residents about it? There are many advantages, and, most importantly, large fruits of 300-350 grams each, and in the conditions of the greenhouse, 500-800 grams each, excellent taste and aroma. As you understand, the variety can be grown in an enclosed space, and on the street. In the first case, the bushes will be much higher, they need support, formation.

Characteristics and description of the variety

  • The ripening period is medium late.
  • Fruits all summer since the ripening of the first fruits.
  • It is a kind of salad, valued for its high taste.
  • It is better to form bushes in two stalks for maximum yield.
  • If a variety is planted outside, it grows up to 70-80 cm, if in a greenhouse it is up to 1.5 meters. Fruits equally well in those and in other conditions.
  • High yield - 5-6 kg.
  • The fruits are very fleshy, nourishing, large. Their shape resembles a heart, there is ribbing.
  • Skin color pink.
  • Fruits can be used to make salads, winter twists, juices, sauces, and, of course, they are great fresh. Tomatoes have high nutritional value.
  • Tomatoes have good resistance to diseases, they are also rarely attacked by insects. The beetle only threatens young seedlings, after which it loses interest in this variety.

Very good variety that can give you high yields, but for this you need to follow a number of recommendations and competently care for seedlings. How? Next, read the article.

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Growing tomato "Abakansky pink"

Seedlings are planted depending on the region at different times - from the end of February to the end of March. Before sowing, seed treatment is done in a solution of manganese, and then soaked in a growth stimulator. You can take "Ecogel", "Zircon", "Kornevin", "Agat-25". The latter not only stimulates growth, but also the immunity of future plants from diseases.

Seedlings are planted in any usual way - in cups, total capacity, in tablets. In the phase of two leaves dive, if not immediately was a separate landing. The variety grows well in any soil for vegetables or in simple ground mixed with humus and ash.

As the bushes grow high, prepare in advance the supports on the street or in the greenhouse. Landing is carried out after the departure of the last frost, when the temperature is kept more than 15-17 degrees.In colder regions, seedlings in the first week is better to cover.




To eliminate the risk of disease, you need to choose a place correctly. After pepper, potatoes and eggplants, it is better not to plant tomato seedlings, but after beans, cucumbers and cabbage.



Landing is carried out according to the 60/40 scheme. The variety requires pinching and two-stem formation. To do this, break all stepchildren, except that in the upper sinus. He remains and the main stem. With regards to the feed, for the first time make it 14 days after planting in a permanent place, then every 14-20 days. You can take both organic matter and mineral fertilizers, but first you can not use a lot of nitrogen for tomato "Abakansky pink", as indicated by the reviews. Photos of summer residents who planted this tomato show us that if you follow all the recommendations, the fruits will be as large as possible.



In order for the fruits to be tasty, large, juicy, it is necessary to observe the thermal regime in the greenhouse. The optimum temperature is not higher than 30 degrees.


Watering the bushes is necessary as needed, more abundantly when the fruits ripen. After watering, the greenhouse is aired, it is necessary to loosen the soil. If the seedlings began to attack the bug, then it must be removed. When the seedlings become larger and begin to form fruits, insects will no longer be interested in them.

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That's all the details. Their observance is a guarantee of a good harvest. "Abakansky pink" still enjoys success for good reason.

Video review of the variety "Abakansky"

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