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Tomato hybrid "Blagovest F1", characteristics and description

For those who like to grow everything in greenhouses, today we will describe a very good variety - the Blagovest F1 tomato. The characteristic and description of its variety clearly show all the advantages of cultivation. Many gardeners love this tomato, plant it from year to year.

general description

Brought this variety of our domestic breeders. The tomato is a hybrid, therefore it is endowed with a number of strong qualities. Hybrids suffer less, give a good harvest and adapt to different climates. The bush can grow up to 1.8 meters, so you have to tie it up. Also, these varieties need and shape. Then the crop is increased many times. It is best to form it in two stems, that is, to leave the stepson in the upper sinus and the main stem.

Tomato amazes with its power. But not only its stalk is strong, brushes can hold many fruits, therefore it is better to foresee supports in advance and under them. Otherwise, the brush will break under the weight of his own crop.

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Tomato is grown mainly in greenhouses, but gardeners planted it on the street. It grows and develops well, but the harvest is declining.

Characteristic culture

  • It is a determinative species.
  • The maximum height of the bush is 1.8 meters.
  • The bush has many powerful branches, leaves.
  • "Blagovest" refers to species with early ripening. The first fruits can be collected after sowing seeds for 100-105 days.
  • It is resistant to the most common tomato diseases, such as tobacco mosaic virus, late blight, cladosporia. Sometimes the leaves can be wrapped, but such manifestations are extremely rare. If you notice the first signs of defeat curly, then try to carry out nitrogen fertilizer.
  • Pests also rarely attack this variety.
  • The crop is formed quickly, evenly. It is well stored and transported, and therefore grown for sale in retail outlets and on the market.
  • Seed germination is almost always 100%.
  • Universal table appointment - the fruits are eaten fresh, make them juices, canned for the winter.
  • Fruits have a red tint, slight ribbing, glossy surface.
  • Tomato weight 110-130 grams, but can be fruit and weighing more than 150 grams.
  • The taste and flavor are excellent.
  • High yield - 6 kilograms from a bush, from a meter of 17 kg.
  • The fruits have a good appetizing appearance of the commodity, long stored

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The description of the variety of tomatoes Blagovest F1 shows that this variety can be viewed by anyone who has greenhouses. If we talk about shortcomings, then there are only two of them - this is garter and formation. But for an experienced summer resident - this is ordinary business that allows you to get a rich harvest.

Growing "Blagovest F1"

They start planting seeds in each region differently. So, by the time the seedlings are transplanted into the greenhouse, they should be a month and a half, and the conditions in the greenhouse should already be suitable. In advance in the greenhouse makes a trellis or pull the rope. Also provide for future support under the brush. Growing seedlings is easy - sowing seeds in a common container involves picking in the phase of 2-4 true leaves. If the seeds are sown in peat pots, then a pick is not needed.

Water for irrigation is best to use warm and defended. In the greenhouse, the wells are prepared in advance, and fertilizers are best applied before winter.This variety responds well to all dressings - that is, you can use both organic and store products. Also experienced gardeners advise to increase the yield watering dressing during the formation and fruiting. Perfect chicken droppings, compost, infusion on the mullein. About the formation was already said - in 2 stalks. This is done when the bush has stopped growing, which can be understood by laying a brush on the top. At this point, transferred to the stepson.

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Caring for tomatoes will be simple - watering, loosening, removing weeds and constant airing of the greenhouse. When the fruits are formed, put the support under the brush.

As you can see, quite a decent grade. You can plant it in a greenhouse and will have a good return.

Video review of the hybrid "Blagovest F1"

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