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Proven Early Determinant Tomato Varieties


To feast on homemade ripe tomatoes from the beginning of summer, you need to choose early varieties of determinant tomatoes for planting. The selection presents the best varieties, according to gardeners.

They are suitable for open ground and greenhouses do not take up much space. Plants resistant to phytophthora have excellent yields, and with proper care, tomatoes will ripen in the earliest periods.

Varieties for the Middle Band

In order to achieve early ripening of fruits, it is advisable to grow them in greenhouses. Maturation occurs 2-3 weeks earlier than when grown outside. AT Middle lane To plant tomato seedlings in the greenhouse can be from mid-April, as soon as the soil warms up well after winter. Before planting, it is better to fertilize the soil with humus with peat and ash, then the seedlings will quickly take root and begin to actively bear fruit.


For greenhouse and street planting in the middle zone of the country, gardeners choose the Alpha variety. The grade is unpretentious in cultivation, perfectly grows in street conditions, does not take a lot of place on a site. The bush is determinant, 50 cm tall, with a thick stem. Spring frosts bushes tolerate well, do not undergo diseases. The period of fruiting comes early, after 60-70 days from the formation of sprouts, the yield index is 7 kg / m2.

Tomatoes of small size, weigh 60-70 g. The shape is flat, the skin is red, glossy. The skin is durable, protects the pulp from cracking. Tomatoes are suitable for long-term storage, in cooking they are used for cutting into salads. Advantages of Alpha are:

  • early term ripening;
  • strong immunity;
  • marketability;
  • compact bushes.

There are no flaws in Alpha, the variety became popular with gardeners and is very popular not only in Russia, but also in Belarus, in Ukraine.


Under the film, determinant plants reach a height of 90 cm. Little ashes are formed, the bushes have an average foliage. The hybrid produces red fruits after 90 days from the beginning of the cultivation. The mass of the fruit is from 90 to 110 g, the taste is sweet and sour. Aphrodite is grown for fresh consumption and for salting. Productivity - 5-6 kg / m2. The variety shows high resistance to late blight, powdery mildew.

The Aphrodite variety has many positive qualities:

  • attractive appetizing look;
  • long storage;
  • possibility of long-distance transportation;
  • universal use.

Aphrodite perfectly perceives organic and mineral supplements, her taste is improved.


Garter to the trellis of tomatoes is recommended if the bushes exceed the height of 70-80 cm.


The determinant variety with an early fruiting period, which has proven itself to be planted among gardeners, is Valentine. Ripening occurs after about 3 months from the time of sowing. Valentina is grown in a greenhouse, but the variety is suitable for outdoor soil. Plants with excellent immune properties, viruses and pests they are not afraid. The yield is not less than 10 kg / m2. The variety is easy to plant, and unpretentious to care.

Tomatoes oval-shaped painted red. The taste is standard for culture, sweet and sour. Basically, Valentine is grown for canning, because the skin is thick, not prone to cracking.Tomatoes are beautiful, small, weighing 100 g, easily fit in a jar of any size. The virtues of Valentina are:

  • resistance to late blight and other diseases;
  • early and abundant fruiting;
  • compact bushes up to half a meter;
  • unpretentiousness in cultivation.

The disadvantages include the mediocre taste of the fruit and a little harsh skin.

Varieties for Siberia

Spring heat comes to Siberia later than to other regions, so even with a greenhouse planting it is not necessary to hurry. If you plant seedlings earlier than expected, you can not wait for the harvest at all. The recommended time for transplanting plants into protected ground is the 20th of April. Tomatoes are planted on the street not earlier than the beginning of May, when the temperature at night will not fall below 7-8 degrees Celsius, and the earth will become warm.


Under the film in a cold climate zone grows well Parodist - a determinant variety with a very early fruiting period. Ripening occurs after 2.5 months from the beginning of the cultivation of seedlings. The height of an adult plant does not exceed half a meter, but garter to the support is necessary. Form a bush in 2-3 stalks. Productivity is low, but stable - 2 kg from a bush. The variety shows resistance to phytophthora, cladosporia, fusarium. Shrubs are not afraid of frost, successfully grown even in open ground according to reviews of gardeners.

Parodist gives fruits of good quality with a sweet and sour juicy taste. Vegetables are often salad destination, suitable for pickling and pickles. Weigh tomatoes 110-150 g, the color is bright red with gloss. Tomatoes look appetizing, long stored and well transported. The advantages of Parodist include:

  • strong immunity;
  • ease of care;
  • good taste;
  • early fruiting.

The variety does not like thick planting, therefore, it is not necessary to have more than 3-4 plants on 1 square meter.

Far North

To short-growing early ripe tomatoes include a variety of the Far North. After 3 months, the first red tomatoes are collected from the hillocks, in the amount of 2-3 kg from one plant. Plants survive cold spells normally, so even in Siberia they can be planted outside, the variety is suitable for greenhouse cultivation. The height of the bushes does not exceed half a meter, tying is not necessary. The Far North rarely gets sick, is not affected by viral diseases and fungal infections.

Each tomato brush is tied with 5-8 fruits of red color, of equal weight about 100 g each and of equal size. The fruits are of standard round shape, the flesh consists of 4 chambers, the taste is sweet and sour with a high content of juice. Appointment of tomatoes universal, they are suitable for any purpose. Positive qualities of the variety are called:

  • early ripening;
  • good transportability;
  • strong immunity;
  • resistance to frost.

There are no disadvantages in the Far North, on the contrary, the variety has established itself for planting and has received recognition from many gardeners, not only in Siberia, but also in other regions.

Torbay f1

Torbay Hybrid was bred not so long ago, although gardeners were fond of low compact bushes and unpretentiousness in breeding. The height is 85 cm when grown outside, in the greenhouse bushes grow under a meter. Fruiting occurs abundantly after 2 months from planting seeds on seedlings. Torbay is resistant to powdery mildew, tobacco mosaic virus, late blight. The yield is 6 kg / m2.

During ripening, the tomatoes turn green to pink. The taste is mostly sweet, but there is a pleasant sourness. Harvest is used for canning and fresh consumption. Tomatoes are excellently homemade, can be stored for a long time. The advantages of Torbay are:

  • long-term preservation;
  • good taste;
  • strong immunity to disease;
  • ease of planting and further cultivation;
  • simultaneous early maturation.

Torbay does not like drought, does not tolerate heat and lack of moisture. Watering should be frequent and regular.

On a note!

For irrigation using cool distilled water with low hardness.

Varieties for the Urals

Tomatoes are successfully grown in outdoor soil and under film cover. It does not affect the ripening period too much, it can differ by only a couple of weeks. Seedlings are being prepared since the beginning of spring; by April, the bushes should reach a height of a few centimeters so that they can be transplanted into the greenhouse. Street planting in the Urals will start from the beginning of May, you need to wait until the frosts stop at night and the warm weather comes to the region completely.

Benito f1

The product of the Dutch breeders was a hybrid with an early fruiting period and low-growing bushes. Basically, plants are planted outside, but greenhouse cultivation is possible. The yield is high and is 8 kg per bush. Bushes up to one meter tall, not sprawling, neat. Passy formation is moderate, lead the plant in 2-3 stalks. Resistance to diseases is good: there are no cases of infection with blight, vertex rot and other viruses.

The elongated tomatoes have a red skin. In one brush, 8 fruits of 100-120 g each are harvested. The skin is very elastic, hard, protects sweet and sour flesh from cracking. The sugar content is about 2.4%, dry matter up to 5%. Tomatoes are ideal for conservation.frost. Benito's positive qualities are:

  • strong immune ability;
  • high yield;
  • resistance to cooling;
  • compactness of plants.

The disadvantages include mediocre taste and harsh skin of the fruit. To improve the taste characteristics, it is recommended fertilizing with potash fertilizers.


Another hybrid variation is Explosion. Excellent early yield of the plant is given directly in the street ground - up to 5 kg from a bush. When planting under the film, fruiting occurs more abundantly, up to 7 kg. The ripening period is early, the harvest will appear on the third month from the beginning of the cultivation. The explosion is not affected by root rot, late blight, powdery mildew. Bushes are not whimsical in care, differ in a small size - only 60 cm. Tying a support is not necessary.

Tomatoes of a trade dress with sweet-sour smack, a tiny form. Weight does not exceed 100 g, the color of the skin is bright, red. Tomatoes are used for pickling, salting, slicing in salads. The variety has the following advantages:

  • ease of care;
  • abundant and early fruiting;
  • good taste characteristics;
  • long storage;
  • virus resistance.

The blast does not have flaws, gardeners are very fond of the variety and advised to plant.

On a note!

Of the hybrids can not be harvested seeds for planting next year.

In addition to choosing a reliable variety, you should not forget about proper care for tomatoes. When growing tomato culture, they maintain regular watering, and the soil itself is periodically loosened to enrich with oxygen, and weeds are pulled out of the soil. The more well-groomed the plants are, the sooner they will begin to yield crops, which will certainly be of high quality.

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