How to get rid of dreams forever

16.05.2018 Diseases and Pests

Each summer resident knows from experience how weeds do harm and how much time it takes to constantly control them.

Of course, one of the most annoying and resistant to mechanical effects of weeds is to rot.

Main characteristics

   As you know, who is warned in time, he is armed. Therefore, you need to know your potential “enemy” in person.

First of all, it should be noted that the dwarf is a very stable perennial and belongs to the category of herbaceous plants of the umbrella type.

As a rule, these weeds actively grow in height and, sometimes, exceed the mark of 1 meter. However, the average stem length still fluctuates at the level of 60-80 centimeters. Usually, on one thin branch, several small narrow leaves grow at once, resembling a hoof in shape. Hence the second name of the dream - “goat leg”. In general, the front side of the sheet plate is quite smooth, but at the bottom there is a slight light edge.

From mid-June to early July, the weed blooms and takes on a pronounced umbrella shape, covered with small white inflorescences. As soon as the petals fly around, tiny flattened white fruits become visible in their place.

How to fight

   Experienced gardeners unanimously declare that it is very difficult to cope with the sunshine and put an end to its spread. The reason for this may serve several factors at once.

One of them is a powerful, widely branched root system, which has an amazing ability to regenerate. Therefore, even careful weeding and regular digging of the soil do not give the desired results, helping to forget about the pest plant only for a short period of time.

In addition to budding, somnole also reproduces with the help of a huge number of seeds. So there are about 6,000 of them per weed. Therefore, it is important to use a whole range of targeted measures, and not be limited to any popular method. This is the only way to get rid of this stubborn weed grass forever.

However, first things first.

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Effective Destruction of Dreams

   In order to completely eradicate this weed and to clear even the most neglected garden plot from it, it is necessary to strictly follow the very effective, albeit labor-intensive, agrotechnical algorithm proposed by specialist M. Nikiforov.

To begin with, it is recommended to remove the upper fertile layer of the earth (that is, turf), which, as a rule, contains the remains of long rhizomes of a dream. Then it should be decomposed on a dry, level place, laying the fragments close to each other, and pour with a concentrated solution of urea or nitrate. In a maximum of a couple of years, all the remnants of the sprouts, seeds and roots will completely decay, resulting in excellent compost. In the meantime, a tangible lack of substrate should be made up with ready-made imported soil. This effective method is called soil improvement.

If the earth has already been repeatedly dug up, it must be cultivated annually with a pitchfork, removing weed particles. Sometimes there is a need for manual weeding. In addition, we must not forget about loosening. Nevertheless, the agronomist Nikiforov does not advise summer residents to “fight” with drowsiness with a shovel.

Of course, in the first years of the struggle it is almost impossible to completely get rid of this garden pest. It is possible that after a while he will make himself felt again. Therefore, you need to try to weed the beds or flower beds at least 1 time per week, mowing the gaps between them with an ordinary scythe or an agricultural sickle.

The most effective methods

Of course, our distant ancestors faced a similar problem. Analyzing their invaluable experience, modern scientists engaged in the field of agronomy offer the following ways to combat drowsiness:


This option is well suited for lazy people and kills two “birds with one stone” at the same time: firstly, it suppresses weed growth; secondly, improves soil properties and maintains its optimal moisture content. Traditionally, depending on its structure, mulch is divided into loose (including peat, compost, sawdust, straw, etc.) and film (polycarbonate, polyethylene, geotextiles and other non-woven fibrous materials). The main purpose of mulch is to prevent the growth and development of weeds by restricting their access to sunlight and wide open spaces.


As you know, the green mass of plants is involved in the implementation of the most important process of photosynthesis. Therefore, its removal significantly affects their condition and vitality. Therefore, mowing weeds is a great way to weaken and completely destroy them. The main thing is to quickly remove the trimmer from the cleared area, so as to prevent the next hit of seeds in the ground.

Change in soil chemistry

It is no secret that Dreams love to “settle” on acidic soils. Based on this fact, it is easy to understand that in order to completely rid the garden or garden of weed, you need to make the substrate familiar to him unattractive. In such a situation, effective methods such as:

  • liming;
  • introduction of dolomite flour (mineral fertilizer enriched with calcium);
  • planting green manure (a special variety of plants designed to improve the structure of various types of soils, for example: winter rye, mustard, oil radish, etc.).

Chemical application

Specialists advise gardeners to use herbicides with great care and only in case of emergency. It is most rational to make them at the end of the summer season, after harvesting, so that caustic chemicals do not damage the fruits and tubers. To obtain the desired result, you need to conduct several sessions. It is best to spray weeds in dry, calm weather so that the droplets of the concentrate are not carried away by air currents. Among the most effective means, the following compositions should be noted:

  • AgroKeeler;
  • Roundup;
  • Tornado;
  • Hurricane;
  • Diquat and others.

Of course, snoring and other weeds greatly overshadow the life of summer residents. However, do not despair, because there are many ways to get rid of them. It is enough to read special literature and choose the most suitable method. So, flower beds with perennials should be protected from the active influence of chemicals, preferring careful weeding and mulching. But in the garden you can apply herbicides, mowing and soil improvement technology.

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    Anatoly Sem. Koginov

    As you all understood from the material presented, it is impossible to etch this diabolical creation. This is the most successful project of the Devil in the matter of utterly spoiling man.This is an example of how all nastiness has a fantastic survival resource. This is amazing: a plant regenerates from any fragment of its body. A man with all his chemistry is powerless in the struggle against the wisdom of the Devil. But this plant is outwardly beautiful! And what a smell from these wonderful white caps of flowers! And what a cool greenery in the evenings! And such scum for a poor gardener yuyu ... Is there life on Mars? Yes, of course there is! Because weeds grow everywhere. At least, to growl.

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      I add to the salad.

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  2. Avatar

    Tatyana K

    Some kind of nonsense .... why so many gestures for tortured summer residents?
    Leaves can be dried for the winter and added to all kinds of dishes, especially cabbage soup and soups. Young sprouts are fried in batter. Sleeping is a great cure for anemia. But like a weed, of course, an eternal headache. There is good news, afraid of shading. I brought out the drowning in the beds in one summer after ten years of struggle by the methods proposed in the article. I dug up, picked the roots to the maximum, planted a pumpkin and beans between the pumpkins. All this greens densely covered the earth. And a mustache ... In near-stem circles, the earth was covered with gray scrawled material and a layer of grass on top. Here I couldn’t completely get rid of the currant ((. It crawls out from the very stems, not to get

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      Yes, the best way to deal with sleepiness is to eat it. She is very helpful. Add to smoothies, salads and soups.

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  3. Avatar

    The origin of the name “Snail” from the word “Eat”, in the past this word was called human food. This plant helped to survive in a hungry year, rich in vitamins and minerals ... Try to make soup and add Smell instead of sorrel ... tasty and healthy.

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    And I fermented with dainty along with plantain, dandelion leaves, parsley, radish tops and dill. Such tasty food is obtained, and in winter, only one tablespoon of this “silo” to the side dish gives us all the set of vitamins and minerals we need

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    during the war I saved from starvation, I freeze my dreams with sorrel and nettles for the winter for soup

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    Our people love to destroy everything, just don’t feed bread, let them destroy all the greenery. In the city, lawns are mowed to the ground, so bald land, yellow residues: asphalt and dust - breathe, I do not want. They took an example from Europe - mowing the lawns, but they didn’t learn how to observe the length of the plant, and here, under the spine, to the roots, so that it would not grow cursed at all. And you breathe dust from the asphalt, from the ground. People set fire to forests for their own purposes. But nothing can be done so that the hand does not rise to set fire to the forest?

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