Monica Salad - Eclipse Fur and Olivier

9.02.2019 Country kitchen

Light vegetable salads are not very popular on a generous festive table. But if you make an interesting vegetable mix in combination with meat components, it will already be more attractive.

Gourmet and at the same time very simple salad "Monica" can be easily prepared for dinner or served as a festive treat. This is a salad that is able to overshadow the already bored coat and olivier. He is quite satisfying and tender. Boiled chicken emphasizes the pleasant taste of Beijing cabbage.

Onions are present in the appetizer, but this should not be feared, since before use it must be marinated in vinegar and the bitterness will disappear completely.

For dressing, use mayonnaise with a fat content of 67%. If desired, you can also use spices and spices.

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  • chicken fillet - 100 grams;
  • onions - ½ head;
  • chicken eggs - 2 pieces;
  • table salt - to taste;
  • table vinegar 9% - 1 tablespoon;
  • vegetable oil - 1 teaspoon;
  • Beijing cabbage - 100 grams;
  • cucumber - ½ medium-sized fruit;
  • mayonnaise - 2 tablespoons.


How to make Monica salad

Chop the onion finely. Next, transfer it to a small bowl, pour vinegar, oil and mix. Leave for about a quarter of an hour.

chop and pickle the onion

Wash the fillet, cut the skin, film and boil. After boiling, salt the broth. For taste, you can put a whole onion, carrot and bay leaf. After cooling, cut the meat into small pieces after cooling.

boil the fillet and chop

Hard-boiled eggs, cool and peel. If necessary, rinse with water to remove small impregnations from the shell and cut into cubes.

boil eggs, peel and chop

Peking cabbage split in half or just separate the right amount of leaves and cut them.

chopped cabbage

Slice the cucumber.

chopped cucumber

Combine all the ingredients in a convenient container, add onions, pre draining vinegar. Season the salad with mayonnaise and mix gently.

combine the ingredients and season with mayonnaise

Serving salad to the table, lay the chopped greens on top. Bon Appetit!

Monica salad is ready

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Monica salad that eclipses Fur and OlivierMonica salad that eclipses Fur and Olivier
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    salad was not born that will intertwine olivier

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      That's right, I have exactly the same opinion. Not a single Olivier salad is eclipsed. And this “monica” is even more so.

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    Evlampy Sukhodrishchev

    Now is it called Monica?

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    Very interesting salad. Getting ready fast. My addition - I added enough salt, a teaspoon of sugar and any dried herbs to the onion. I had Provence. Pour vinegar and add a little vegetable oil. Stirred, let stand a little. Then it was poured with boiling water for no more than 10-15 seconds, merged into a salad.

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    And to make the chicken fillet juicy, it must be put not in cold, but in hot water! A simple rule: if you want a broth, you put meat in cold water, if you want juicy boiled meat - in hot.

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    Tasty salad of course, BUT Olivier and herring under a fur coat I like more! 😂

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    Olivier is Olivier! And Monica’s salad, not bad, took note.

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    Instead of an egg, add avocado.

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    Add kasu and pams __ okroshka recipe for pigs

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    where does Olivier and a fur coat just a village Caesar nice but no more and putting it above the Olivier and fur coats is just nonsense

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    Bubly, what do you think your burda will overshadow the popularly beloved Olivier? They are good at feeding pigs before slaughter.

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