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If there is a need for transplanting roses to another place in the fall, then having done everything correctly, and having prepared in advance, you can avoid a fatal outcome for the plant. The correct transplant allows you to create good conditions for the bush for the winter.

Place and period of transplanting bushes

The most favorable for transplantation is the time interval between the end of September and the beginning of October. Since it will be easier for the plant to take root at the moment when the influx of nutrients to the roots begins.

Start preparation should be in advance. In August, you need to stop feeding, and reduce watering. In the suburbs, in the autumn, roses are transplanted to another place only with the use of mineral fertilizers if the land has been occupied by other plants for a whole year. Any crops deplete the soil, so some mineral components may be lacking in flowers.

The place of transplantation should be under sunlight for most of the day, in addition there should be a good outflow of moisture. Otherwise, in winter, stagnation of water will lead to overheating of the roots. This is especially true for those who live in the Kuban. Warm climatic conditions have been created in this region, which to a large extent prevent the roots from freezing. If there is a lot of water, then the plant may rot.

[sc name = "info-attention" text = "An excellent solution would be to use a patch of soil that has not been used for a year, as the soil should be loose and fertilized."]

How to save the root system?

To preserve all the roots, it is necessary to water the plant abundantly before transplanting, which will lead to the creation of a coma from the earth around the roots. Transplanting in this way becomes more secure. If the plant is transported over a long distance, then the lump with the earth should be carefully wrapped with a cloth and tied around the root neck. It will be possible to plant directly with this fabric, it will undergo decomposition, but do not forget to untie it.

When transplanting a rose bush to another place, they resort to pruning roots, branches with leaves.

The bush needs to be dug wide to preserve the roots. If the main rod is long and deep in the soil, then it should be chopped, trying to save most of it. Proper transplantation of roses in the fall to another place using this technology will save all the important parts of the root system.


Shrubs in the autumn are pruned in accordance with the climate of your region. The difficulties lie in the characteristics of the plant. Some species, after transplanting and pruning, begin to restore vital processes and can confuse autumn with spring. Therefore, in order to protect yourself from the death of a rose bush, it is best not to carry out this procedure. Only damaged or dry branches can be removed.

Cutting off the shoots is not always a good idea. If the autumn is warm and the air is quite humid, then in this case, cutting off the shoots can lead to the awakening of sleeping buds, and this in turn will lead to the appearance of new twigs that die in the winter. In this case, it is not recommended to touch the shoots.

The situation is the opposite: autumn is cool, and before the frost starts there is about 20-30 days, then you can cut off the shoots and not worry about the planted bush having no time to get ready for the cold. It all depends on weather conditions and the region. It is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the weather that awaits your city in the coming month.

[sc name = "info-dashed" text = "When transplanting to another place - the soil has crumbled, the root system is inspected. If damage is found, the root should be cut to living tissue. If the transplant is carried out with open roots, then the tips of the roots should be trimmed in order to improve their absorbent properties and plant nutrition. ”]

Recommendations and Tips

The hole dug for the plant should be large enough compared to the size of the roots. The distance at which the bushes will be planted depends on the variety, but usually roses require a large amount of space to bloom. Further actions depend on the state of the roots. Basic Rules:

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If planting is carried out with a lump of earth covering the roots, it will be enough to immerse the bush in the pit and fill the void with fertile soil, ramming and watering it along the way.

Landing with open roots - in the middle of the pit, the earth is poured with a hill and a plant is placed on top so that the roots are directed not up, but down along the poured earth. They empty the emptiness, not forgetting to tamp and water.

Tamping the ground is important, the soil should be without air pockets, if they get into them, the roots die.

The plant should be placed at a level at which the root neck will be lower than the soil level by four centimeters. Thanks to this, you will get rid of wild growth.

When the plant is planted, and the pit is filled and watered, they check the level of planting of roses and add dry soil near the plant.

When replanting roses in the fall, you need to take care of sheltering the bushes for the winter in a new place.

The result of this work will be a blooming rose bush next summer. Any plant requires appropriate care, regardless of its subspecies and other features. The advice and recommendations of professionals in this matter should definitely help.

Protect the roots from frost

In Siberia, and in particular the city of Novosibirsk, not the best conditions for gardening were created. The problem is in late spring and early winter. It is necessary to take care of protecting the roots from the influence of severe frosts. This must be done because, after replanting in the fall, the root of the plant does not have time to grow stronger and, accordingly, it needs protection from the cold. Ways to protect the seedling from frost:

  • hilling by the earth;
  • shelter with coniferous trees;
  • fencing with boards from boards;
  • the use of modern covering materials, films.

[sc name = "info" text = "The important point is that the bushes do not need to be covered before the onset of severe frosts, as the first light frost allows the roses to harden. When choosing a shelter, you should be guided by the weather conditions. ”]

If we can’t transplant roses to a new place early, then we can try to transplant them with benefit.

Improving the condition of the soil. Soil can be bought or prepared independently. To prepare the soil yourself you need to mix equal amounts of garden soil with humus and peat. If the soil is clay, then sand is added to it, and vice versa.

After a season, the acidity of the soil will begin to increase, in order to avoid such a situation, ash, crushed oil, dolomite flour should be added to it. During the transplant, it is worth checking the root system for pests and getting rid of diseased roots.

If you approach the process wisely, a rose bush will decorate the garden. Today, there are many videos about transplanting roses to another place with step-by-step recommendations and tips. It is recommended that the rose bush be transplanted every three seasons, not earlier than this period.

Moon calendar

Many amateur gardeners resort to using such a technique.If you observe the trends and changes that occur with plants and associate them with the phases of the moon, you will notice incredible connections. Rose transplantation should be done only on the rising moon. It is forbidden to land or perform certain procedures on a waning moon.

Lunar calendar tips and tricks:

  1. Trimming should be done only in descending order. This is due to many factors, and first of all, so that the bush does not grow, but is stronger. This is the only procedure that needs to be done at this time.
  2. It is best to start a transplant in the middle of the cycle, closer to the full moon, this will increase the chances of rooting. The moon has a fantastic effect on many processes taking place on Earth.
  3. Do not delay the landing if you missed the optimal phase of the moon for action. It is best to refer to the methodology developed by gardeners not related to the lunar calendar.

Following the tips and rules, you will be able to achieve maximum effectiveness and create incredible and colorful flower beds and flowerbeds in your personal garden.

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