Ointment "Vishnevsky" from mice and rats!

11.07.2019 Diseases and Pests

A common problem for residents of private homes and cellar owners is the sudden appearance of mice or rats, which is especially dangerous. Sometimes to deal with them you have to take non-standard measures. One of them is elimination with the help of Vishnevsky ointment.

What is dangerous rodents

Regardless of where the mice and rats appeared and in what quantity, they cause a number of dangers with their appearance:

  • damage to objects, furniture, books and clothes;
  • damage to fruit trees in the garden;
  • aggressive behavior in relation to small animals - chickens, piglets or rabbits;
  • transfer of dangerous diseases and infections.

The last point is the most serious. Since a rodent can interact with many of a person’s personal belongings or food, there is a high probability that he will become infected with diseases such as tuberculosis, fever, diphtheria, and others. Some of them can be fatal.

Start getting rid of pests right after you find them. After eliminating them, make a complete disinfection of the room, throw out those food products that were lying on the open surface and all things damaged by them.

The use of Vishnevsky ointment

Not always at hand is a trap for rodents or a finished product. In this case, the "grandmother" methods will come to the benefit. One of the folk remedies for eliminating rats and mice is Vishnevsky ointment. The principle of operation is based on the fact that it creates an unpleasant odor that repels pests and makes them run away from the premises. There are several ways to use it:

  1. Lubricate generously with cloth or cotton wool. Spread them in the places where rodents were seen.
  2. Squeeze a few drops around the perimeter of the room or cellar.
  3. Dilute the ointment with water so that a liquid solution is obtained. Wash them the floor. This method is effective for eliminating pests in a garage, warehouse and other non-residential premises.
  4. Create a bait. Put food at the same place for several days, then distribute a small amount of the drug to the same place.

If you want to protect a houseplant from rats or mice from damage, when planting or transplanting, lubricate the lower part of the bulb with a drop of Vishnevsky ointment and deepen into the ground. For plant crops, it is harmless, but it will definitely scare off rodents.

Precautionary measures

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To ensure that the pest control effect is positive and safe, read a few tips before processing:

  • after elimination of rats or mice, concrete their burrows so that new pests do not appear in this place;
  • do not allow the ointment to be in open areas for children, if the rats are wound up in the dwelling of a private house, then temporarily move to another room or carry out processing in a place inaccessible to them;
  • Protect the skin of the hands with gloves to avoid the possibility of an allergic reaction;
  • it is not recommended to poison rodents in such images to pregnant women and people with any respiratory diseases due to the specific smell.

If you managed to get rid of rats and mice, then immediately ventilate the room and carry out a complete disinfection to eliminate the smell of Vishnevsky ointment and prevent the spread of infection. Henceforth, try not to leave food in open places and close all spaces in the house or non-residential premises to prevent their occurrence again.

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    I tried a lot of things, yet I stopped at the poison, only she helped to save the mice. Used "Rodent.Net", an effective tool

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