How is autumn feeding strawberries in the winter?

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In the autumn, strawberries need favorable conditions for wintering. Only in this case in the summer you can expect a good harvest. Over the current season, it has absorbed large reserves of nutrients from the soil. And it is important to know how to properly carry out the autumn feeding of strawberries in the winter.

How and when to feed strawberries?

Agree, not everyone can afford to plant a berry on chernozem and fertile land. Therefore, feeding this garden culture is important if the quantity and quality of berries is not indifferent to you.

Make sure the strawberries cease to bear fruit. After fertilizing, the berries will become inedible.

First, you need to get rid of old leaves. Experienced gardeners know that they need to be cut with a knife correctly. Such leaves can become a source of many plant diseases. After removing them, start feeding.

Fertilizers will help you prepare your plants for the onset of cold weather. For a berry crust, select a dry and sunny September day. Kemira fertilizer will do well. Of course, it is important to observe the correct proportions - no more than 50 grams. for 2 square meters m

In October, a second autumn top dressing of the bushes in winter should be carried out - potassium gutamate.

Types of fertilizers for strawberries

Not every nutrient mixture is suitable for this berry. It is necessary to thoroughly approach the choice, productivity will directly depend on the decision.

The first thing you need to know - all fertilizers can be divided into three large groups: organic, mineral and mixed.

Organic are suitable for any garden crops, including strawberries. And to feed her organic matter in the fall is an excellent solution. What applies to such fertilizers? Manure, compost, humus, wood ash. To make this natural top dressing is not difficult. Ash should be simply poured under the bushes, and litter must be diluted with water - 1 to 10.

An indisputable advantage of this type of fertilizer is the ability to shelter bushes that need protection from winter cold.

Another type of fertilization is mineral. They contain the necessary trace elements to help plants cope with serious diseases and prevent their occurrence - phosphorus, calcium, potassium, magnesium.

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It’s hard to say which fertilizer is more suitable for strawberries - organic or mineral. For the greatest effect, you need to use both of them.

Prepare the perfect fertilizer before the onset of cold weather with your own hands. In early September, it is good to water the bushes with a mixture of ash with settled cow manure. Proportions are taken as follows: for one bucket of manure - take half a glass of ash.

In October, you can make another mixture. To prepare it, dissolve a glass of ash in a bucket of water. Add a couple more tablespoons of complex mineral fertilizer to the liquid, as well as 40 gr. potassium. Pour each bush with this solution.

Surprisingly, the products that we use daily - milk and whey - are also quite suitable for feeding plants. They are rich in useful trace elements - calcium, phosphorus, nitrogen and sulfur. These substances not only provide the necessary nutrition, but also improve the structure of the soil. A slightly acidified soil is an excellent environment for the growth and development of horticultural crops. Just mix dairy products with manure, humus or ash and water the strawberry plantation.

You can feed your garden plants with dried bread.His week should be kept in cool water, waiting for him to begin to roam. After the resulting mass will need to be diluted with water, in equal proportions.

Strawberry dressing in the winter when planting

Some gardeners prefer to plant strawberries in the fall. You can do it too. In this case, take care of the preparation of the soil. It must be thoroughly flavored with humus, superphosphate and potassium chloride.

Suitable for fertilizer, and manure. But here it is important to ensure that he in no case fall on the planted bushes - this can cause burns. In addition, straw or compost can be placed around the strawberries.

If more than a year has passed after planting, it is necessary to repeat top dressing with humus. Add 34 kilograms of this substance to each square meter of the plot.

If you feed the berry correctly in the winter, give all the necessary substances, you will enjoy a rich harvest.

On the video about feeding strawberries in winter on the Web, you will find a lot of information on how to properly prepare it for the onset of the cold season. The main thing is not to leave this issue unattended. If in the area where you live harsh winters, just feeding strawberries will not be enough. Bushes should be placed under cover. Non-woven materials are good.

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