How to grow dill so that it gives more green without umbrellas

16.08.2019 Dill

Growing fresh fragrant greens of dill for beginning summer residents will help the advice of experienced gardeners. They know where to make the garden, how to season it, how to properly sow the seeds so that there are no umbrellas for a long time. There are many useful substances in the leaves of the plant, their aroma causes appetite, for this they are all appreciated and loved, added to the salad, okroshka. Finely chopped greens are good in light vegetable soup and rich borsch.

How to plant dill so that there are no umbrellas for a long time

You can try the simple way that many gardeners use. In April, a small bed is prepared. Dress it with humus. Shallow grooves are made across the ridges. Their depth does not exceed 1 cm.

Seeds should not be deeply covered with earth, in the light they sprout faster.

Buy a package of ready-mixed soil in advance. It is poured with a thin layer into the prepared furrows. Seeds sprinkle over it. They are sown very densely, lightly sprinkled on top of the ground (2-3 mm) and watered abundantly. This ends the sowing. The garden is watered daily until green panicles appear. With dense sowing, the plant does not form umbrellas longer.

Not everyone can grow juicy greens. This is a paradox, but some gardeners do not know where to put powerful stalks of dill - it grows throughout the garden like a weed, others make beds for it every spring, sow, but they have stunted bluish plants that do not want to be picked.

If you know a few secrets, then grow juicy dill is not difficult:

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  • choose a sunny place;
  • dig, make humus or mature compost - 5-10 kg / m²;
  • scatter dry seeds on the surface, do not fall asleep with earth;
  • water abundantly, cover with a piece of spunbond.

Do not remove the covering material until emergence. To speed up their appearance, the garden bed can be watered every evening. Break greens for food as they grow. Break the crown over the upper bosom when a young umbrella appears. This will hold back aging for a while. Soon, new greens will come from the sinus, it can be used as food.

Choosing the Right Grade

Dill is growing fast. Usually, the greens are ready to cut for 40 days after emergence. There are bush varieties, they have a period from seedlings to cut days for 10 more. They may not let out an umbrella for almost a month. This is very convenient if the crop is planted on greenery.

Noteworthy is the variety with the original name Alligator. Initially, he forms a lush, raised rosette, consisting of many leaves. The peduncle on which the umbrella is formed is absent.

All summer on the table will be fresh greens of dill, if you sow varieties of Diamond, Alligator, Amazon in two terms. The first time in May, the second time before Peter's Day (July 12).

Bush dill is not torn from the root. From one plant 5-6 leaves are torn off, reaching a length of 20 cm. Leaves shorter, growing from the middle, are left. From one bush you get a decent bunch of soft, fragrant greens. Literally after 7-10 days, dill can again be torn.

Methods for producing fragrant herbs are not complicated. They are easy to put into practice. The timing of the crop affects the time of sowing.To get early greens, dill is sown before winter or immediately after snow melts.

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