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Characteristics and description of the variety "Persimmon"

As in all these tomatoes do not get confused, because in the pictures they are very similar. To do this, you need to read not only brief information on the package, but also more detailed information, which we offer you. You could already read about a lot of interesting varieties, and this article will not be an exception, because in it you will learn about Tomato "Persimmon", which has good reviews. You can already see the photo, but about crop and other indicators we’ll go further.

general information

Always on the garden stand tomatoes that have an unconventional red color. They are nice to eat and put in a salad, because he begins to play with new colors, which makes it seem more appetizing and attractive. Summer residents love to experiment on their own sites, and this is the result of one of them and our persimmon has become.

Yes, it was not specifically taken out by breeders, but since 2009 the variety has been officially recognized and entered in the register. To say that “Persimmon” is an ideal variety, which is not afraid of anything and gives colossal results in crop yields, since it can hurt with various diseases. But if you follow the plantings closely, then this unpleasant stage in the life of a summer resident can be avoided.

Tomato can be grown on the street and in the greenhouse. In the second case, the bushes grow powerful and large, and can reach a height of 160 cm, because they need a garter. On the street, bushes are more compact up to 60-80 cm and can grow without supports. Tomatoes are well preserved and can give a good harvest, this is their strength. And, of course, many gardeners note the very pleasant and unusual taste of orange fruits.

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Characteristics and description of the variety

  • Variety refers to tomatoes with medium ripening.
  • Bushes have a determinant type, form shtamb.
  • Universal grade for cultivation on the street and in the closed space.
  • It can hurt.
  • The yield from the bush is good with proper care. So, you can collect up to 5-6 kg from one plant.
  • Planting on one square meter for optimum yield needs 7-9 bushes.
  • The variety has a universal table purpose. That is, it is eaten fresh, canned, boiled sauces.
  • Well kept, and therefore can be transported and grown for sale.
  • Skin color is rich yellow. The shape of the fruit is round, slightly flattened. It resembles a persimmon in appearance, for which he received his name for a tomato.
  • The mass of fruits - up to 500 grams, which distinguishes them with large sizes. On the street, on average, tomatoes gain a mass of 400 grams.
  • Tomatoes have a sweet taste, but if they are not picked off on time, they will give sourness.
  • The variety has a large percentage of nutrients, which makes juices and other dishes from them very useful for our health.

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Growing a tomato "Persimmon"

You already have an idea about the “Persimmon” tomato variety, the reviews about it are worthy, the photos demonstrate the harvest clearly. With regards to planting this variety, the whole agricultural technology is quite simple and traditional. There are some nuances. To prevent the culture from starting to hurt, you must strictly observe the irrigation regime, remove weeds in time and loosen the soil. Waterlogging should not be allowed, as this will be an excellent environment for the development of pathogenic flora. From here diseases will begin, pests will bother.

Therefore, so that the parasites do not take root, and the diseases do not harm, it is necessary to add ashes to the soil, and water the tomatoes only as needed and monitor the fertility of the soil. The more nutrients it contains, the stronger the seedlings will be, and disease resistance will be higher. Top dressing is best alternated between mineral store preparations and organic. It is necessary to start bringing them in two weeks after transferring the seedlings to the ground, which is better to shed with boiling water beforehand, to fall asleep with ashes. You can add red and black pepper from the parasites. Fertilizers are applied every 10-14 days in the early hours or in the evening. After the rains, as always after irrigation, the soil is loosened, the greenhouse is aired, weeds are removed in time, as it also becomes a source of disease, excess moisture and accumulation of parasites.

If you plant a variety in a greenhouse, then prepare the supports or ropes in advance. If on the street, then this is not necessary. For the rest, agricultural technology is traditional and simple. The main thing is to follow the above tips. Also, before sowing, seed should be etched in a solution of potassium permanganate and processed in a growth stimulator. All these measures will help to avoid trouble.

Here is the description and the details of growing you now know. Grade worthy, but not without flaws.

Video review varieties "Persimmon"

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