When to plant cucumbers for seedlings in 2019 according to the lunar calendar?

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The most common vegetable crops in the middle climatic zone of Russia are cucumbers and tomatoes. They are eaten raw, pickled, salted. Growing these vegetables does not require any special skills. On the other hand, a good harvest depends not only on physical efforts to care for the plant. It is important to create optimal conditions and choose the right date for planting seeds.

Experienced gardeners believe that planting cucumbers for seedlings should be on the lunar calendar, so you need to know such dates in 2019. Planning with a focus on lunar activity, features and needs of the plant itself will be the key to obtaining a good result. The favorable temperature of air and soil and the period of seed germination under different conditions should be taken into account.

The influence of the phases of the moon on the growth of seedlings and the reliability of the lunar calendar

Stellar and planetary rhythms directly affect various aspects of life on Earth. They determine the ebbs and flows of the seas, oceans, the well-being of people, the activity of flora and fauna. The main growth and development of cucumbers occurs above the ground, therefore, when sowing seeds and planting seedlings, it is important to consider this factor.

The activity of the moon is constantly changing, directly affecting the flora. The intensity of growth and development of the root system increases with the waning moon, and the stem with leaves - on the contrary. Therefore, the most suitable time for planting cucumber seedlings is the phase of the arriving moon. It was at this time that all plant juices moved upward.

Favorable days for sowing seeds in March
Favorable days for sowing seeds in March

Regardless of the year, it is important to adhere to two fundamental rules:

You may be interested in:
  • firstly, it is better to acquire planting material at a time when the moon arrives;
  • secondly, nothing can be planted during the full moon or new moon.

The most favorable temperature for sowing seeds of cucumbers is approximately +25 degrees Celsius. Under such conditions, the first shoots will appear in three days. After a month, seedlings can be moved already to the open-air garden or to the greenhouse. If you focus on the phases of the moon, then in 2019, you need to do this, counting on the first half of June. This is due to the fact that at the end of May the moon wanes, and it is extremely undesirable to sow cucumbers under such conditions.

In the case when the seed material has already been prepared, and weather conditions do not contribute to the growth and development of the plant, then when planting on the beds, you need to take care to protect the seedlings from the cold. To do this, they just need to cover with a thick film.

The timing of planting cucumbers for seedlings in 2019 according to the lunar calendar

The determination of landing time is directly affected by climatic conditions. In the southern regions, you can plant cucumbers in the greenhouse since April. Seeds germinate after about 3-4 weeks. After that, they can be carried out with sufficient heating of the soil. The air temperature should not be below +5 degrees Celsius.

Seed preparation and selection

To grow cucumbers you need to stock up on quality planting material. Specialty stores offer processed seeds that can be sown dry without any preparatory procedures. On the other hand, to improve seed quality, it is recommended to wrap them in a damp cloth and place in a warm place until the first shoots appear.

For hardening, you can put slightly moistened planting material in the refrigerator for 48 hours. It is important to maintain a sufficient level of moisture in seeds that have not yet sprouted. After this procedure, they can be immediately placed directly in the ground.

Cucumber seeds
Cucumber seeds

From the crop harvested for the previous season, the largest seeds can be selected. After this, it is recommended to heat the seed by placing it next to the heating radiator. To prevent possible diseases, you need to immerse cucumber seeds in a weak solution of potassium permanganate for 15-20 minutes. Before use, it is useful to treat them with a growth stimulator, and put them on wet gauze 2-3 days before sowing.

To prepare the substrate for germination, you need to take 1 part of sawdust, 2 parts of peat and humus. Prepared seeds are immersed to a depth of 1-2 cm. For these purposes, it is better to use plastic cups with a volume of 400-500 ml. It is strongly not recommended to plant seeds in a common box.

Auspicious days

Depending on the region, the following spring days can be considered favorable for sowing cucumber seeds for seedlings in 2019:

  • March 20, 25;
  • April 10, 11, 12;
  • May 12.13.
Choosing the best landing day, you should focus on the growing moon, because in this case you can count on a plentiful harvest, which confirms the extensive experience of many gardeners.

On the other hand, recommendations for sowing seed may vary. It depends on the variety of cucumbers, their early maturity, as well as specific climatic conditions and the length of daylight hours.

Growing cucumber seedlings in a greenhouse can cause some difficulties, as the stems of plants tend to stretch quickly.

Given the various factors and phases of the moon, it is best to plant cucumber seeds or seedlings in 2019 on such days:

Planting material Type of work Optimal days
Seeds Sowing seedlings in plastic glasses or peat pots April 6-18
Seedlings Transfer to open ground under a film May 6-18
Sprouts Peeling film The beginning of June

Bad days

When sowing and planting cucumbers for seedlings in 2019, it is important to consider the dates when such work is strictly not recommended.

If you plant seed on unfavorable days, then there is a high probability that the plants will not produce healthy, high-quality fruits, they will grow poorly, develop, hurt, and even die.

Cucumbers with this sowing do not adapt well in the environment. Therefore, if you can’t sow or plant cucumbers on the recommended favorable days, you should avoid dates that adversely affect the yield and development of vegetables. In such cases, it is recommended to choose neutral periods that do not pose a danger to this vegetable crop.

Sowing seeds to get seedlings in a greenhouse is recommended with a growing moon. This corresponds to such zodiac signs as Cancer, Libra, Taurus, Capricorn, Scorpio.

On the other hand, even during this period of 2019, there are unfavorable days for planting cucumbers:

Agrotechnical work Number Month
Sowing seed for seedlings 5, 6, 7, 21 January
4, 5, 6, 19 February
5, 6, 7, 21 March
4, 5, 6, 19 April
4, 5, 6, 19 May

When to plant cucumbers for seedlings in the suburbs?

The climatic zone of the Moscow Region is characterized by cold winters and late spring. Therefore, it is recommended to plant cucumbers on beds here in the second decade of June. If you plan to get an early harvest, it is recommended to use seedlings, which can be kept on the windowsill until planting.

With this method, it should be borne in mind that early sowing is undesirable, since the plant can grow, losing resistance to adverse environmental conditions. On the other hand, late planting will not allow the plant to grow and gain strength.

In order to calculate the optimal date of seed sowing for seedlings in the Moscow region, simple calculations are required. For this climate zone, planting a plant in the ground without a film should be done after June 10th.

The favorable date in accordance with the phases of the moon is June 13, 2019.

Accordingly, seeds for growing seedlings should be sown on May 13, 17, 18. The plant is grown on a windowsill in any capacity. After germination and the appearance of leaves, you can prepare for planting in the garden. At the same time, it is important that the ambient temperature is in the range from +18 to +20 degrees.

Seedling Care

Seedlings are recommended to be placed in the apartment on the east or south window, since it requires a lot of light. With another placement option, additional illumination is required. Immediately after sowing, a high temperature should be maintained at + 28-30 degrees. After about a week, the seeds should germinate.

When the first shoots appear, the plants are transferred to a cool place with a temperature of + 18-20 degrees. Such measures will prevent the extension of the stem. When growing seedlings, it is not necessary to feed the soil, and a day before planting it on the garden, it needs to be watered.

Planting cucumbers in a greenhouse
Planting cucumbers in a greenhouse

It is recommended to plant cucumbers in the greenhouse after April 20, when 2-4 leaves will form in the sprouts. Before this, it is necessary to disinfect the room, change the soil, make fertilizers 2-3 weeks before the transplant. It is important for the plant to provide good lighting and soil moisture. Watering and fertilizing should be done when the moon is in the sign of Leo or Aquarius.

How to determine the time of planting cucumbers in open ground according to the lunar calendar?

The vegetable is very heat-loving, therefore, seedlings can be planted on the garden only after the last frost on the soil surface. In this case, the earth should warm up to 15 degrees.

On a note!
Given the influence of the lunar phases, it is recommended to do this in 2019 no earlier than in June. At the end of the previous month, an unfavorable period associated with the phase of the waning moon falls.

What seedlings should be and how to prepare them for planting?

Successful cultivation of cucumbers depends on their proper preparation. It is better to plant seeds in plastic cups. It is important to determine the variety of cucumbers, which should be suitable for further planting in open ground. The following grades correspond to this requirement:

  • Universal;
  • Cascade;
  • Competitor;
  • Altaic;
  • Leader.

For sowing seeds, a soil mixture consisting of peat, humus and leafy soil is suitable. When the height of the sprout reaches 4 cm, it needs to be transplanted into a more spacious container. This will ensure intensive development of the root system. For fast seed growth, it is important to provide a temperature of +25 degrees. It is recommended to transplant seedlings of cucumbers on a bed or garden no earlier than after 3-4 weeks. It is important that 2-4 leaflets form on the stem.

To prepare the material for planting, it needs to be hardened. To do this, a week before the procedure for moving seedlings, you need to lower the ambient temperature to +16 degrees.

Favorable / unfavorable days

To get a good harvest, it is important to adhere to the moon movement calendar for 2019. Taking into account favorable days for landing, it is recommended to draw up a work schedule in advance. You can safely plant cucumbers in open soil from mid-June. A month before planting, the land is fertilized using rotted manure, superphosphate and ash.

The most favorable for planting in the garden or garden in accordance with the phases of the moon are May 18, 24, 25. May 26, 27, 28, as well as June 5, 6, 11, 13, 15.

On a note!
It is important to remember that it is better to give the advantage to the first summer month, since in the second half of spring the moon wanes.

On adverse days, it is better to stop all garden work. These dates include May 5, 19, 20 and June 3, 18.

Common questions

Is it possible to plant cucumbers with tomatoes in a greenhouse?
In this case, it is necessary to separate the two cultures, since the high humidity desired for cucumbers can provoke tomato diseases. For these purposes, you can use the film over the entire height, place the plants in separate zones, taking into account their needs.
What factors, in addition to the lunar phases, affect the timing of planting cucumbers?
First of all, the timing of planting is affected by geographical, climatic conditions, the specific weather at the time of planting. In addition, it is important to consider the level of groundwater and the variety of cucumbers.
What is the latest planting date for cucumbers?
Planting seedlings in open ground should be 30 days after sowing seeds and only when the temperature does not drop below 10 degrees heat.
What to do if you miss a day on the calendar?
In such cases, it is better to choose neutral periods. It is advisable to avoid contact with the root system.
What early varieties of cucumbers are grown in the suburbs?
The best varieties for the Moscow region are such varieties as Aquarius, Sight, Bush, April.

Focusing on the active influence of the moon on the growth and development of cucumbers, you can most effectively grow vegetables in the greenhouse and in the garden. The right approach will allow you to get a rich harvest, planting even the most budget-friendly variety.

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