How to grow cucumbers in 5 liter bottles

24.04.2015 Cucumbers

Bottled CucumbersHow to plant cucumbers in 5 liter bottles, not everyone knows. Although, of course, this process is interesting and extremely effective. First, seedlings are grown (do not forget about the dates of the lunar calendar), then seedlings are provided with proper care.

After the seedlings get stronger, it is transplanted into a five-liter bottle. For each bush you need to prepare your own bottle. How is further cultivation, care of seedlings and transplantation of cucumbers in the open ground, we will consider in detail in this article.

How to choose a seedling planting time

In the article on the pages of our site we already talked in detail about how to choose the time for planting seeds of cucumbers on seedlings. Once again, we briefly emphasize that it all depends on when the landing in open ground is planned. Moreover, the seedlings of cucumbers at home quickly grows stronger and after 15-20 days is ready for planting, so this must be taken into account.

In order not to force the whole windowsill to be just seedlings of cucumbers, you can grow seeds in separate batches. For example, in early April, plant the seeds of self-pollinating cucumbers for transplanting into the greenhouse. Then plant cucumbers whose varieties are suitable for canning and cultivation on the street (second half of April). Also, for planting seeds, you can also use the period of early May, then the harvest will be late, but equally tasty.

Five-liter cucumbers in bottles

Cucumbers in Plastic Bottles

On the net today you can find many different videos about planting cucumbers in 5 liter bottles. Plastic containers have always been perfect for growing seedlings, and if they are large, then it is also better. It will be necessary to properly prepare a five-liter bottle.

To do this, the capacity is cut along. Be sure to make drainage holes at the bottom, for this you can use a soldering iron, or you can do with just large, heated nails. Now pour the earth into the container, it should be slightly moistened. It will turn out, no more, no less, but the beautiful garden is beautiful.

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If there is a bed, then you can proceed to planting seeds. We hope that you previously threw the seeds into a container of water and all those instances that emerged simply threw away. After all, such seeds are empty, and will not sprout, but only take a place in the ground. Sow the seeds in the ground, and then cover with the second half of the bottle. Next, the scheme for germination is standard, you need to put it in a warm place, through the top cover, in which there should also be drainage holes, do watering. Periodically open the greenhouse so that the earth receives enough oxygen.

5 liter bottles and growing cucumbers

What else is important when growing in a bottle

If you look at photographs and pictures about the planting of cucumbers in 5 liter bottles, then the seedlings will be strong, and the harvest will only please. But, it must be borne in mind that the first week after planting seeds for the night, the plastic-closed bed should be put in the refrigerator (not in the freezer).

When the cucumbers reach up to seven centimeters, then they will no longer be comfortable being under the plastic dome. It is time to transplant seedlings into separate cups. By the way, they can also be made from bottles, only, in this case, from two-liter models. It is necessary to cut off the throat, make holes in the walls. When transplanted, the lower leaves are cut off, and the plant is pinched from above.How to grow cucumbers in bottles

Important! Due to openings throughout the glass, water can leave the soil during irrigation. But you just need to put the seedlings on plastic bags: then the water will collect on them and will evaporate as needed for seedlings.

When to transport to the country

If the seedlings have already stretched to 20 centimeters, then you can safely assign a day for its transplantation into the greenhouse or into open beds. To translate seedlings accurately, a stick should be put to each seedling and a bush attached. By the way, seedling transplant time should also be combined with lunar calendar dates.

Strong cucumbers in bottles

This is not to say that planting cucumbers in 5 liter bottles is more time consuming than ordinary planting seedlings. Moreover, not only time can be saved, but also consumables used. Each gardener knows how important a properly planted and grown seedling is. Indeed, the future rich and strong harvest depends on these small bushes.

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    Hello! I live in the Altai Territory, I have a small plot, there is no greenhouse, and I want to enjoy the taste of my crispy cucumber early. If you immediately sow the seeds of cucumbers and cover them with plastic bottles in the ground in early May, will my cucumbers grow? Thank.

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    Everything is just in the open ground, good varieties of cucumbers like KURAZH SEA OF CUCUMBERS DO NOT CLOSE ANYTHING, ordinary watering and that's it !!! GOOD LUCK TO THE GARDEN !!!

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    In 5-6 liter cans, I plant cucumbers on the balcony and collect an early harvest. For growing seedlings, I use ordinary cups of sour cream or for beer 330-500 ml. and they are enough for growing 20-30 day old seedlings for a neat transplant in a greenhouse or in open ground, depending on the time of planting the seeds and weather conditions.

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    You have all the bottles cut across.

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