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18.12.2017 Cucumbers

Cucumbers are moody plants. Seedlings do not always germinate, and if they do, it is difficult to transplant, and if they are transplanted, it is not a fact that they will tolerate the transplant. And the search for cups is difficult every time. There is an interesting solution to the problem: to grow seedlings for cucumbers in egg shells.

You need to plant seeds in late April - early May.

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Cooking shells for seedlings

In a raw egg, it is necessary to make a hole from a narrow end face with a diameter of 2-3 cm, pour out the contents and dry the shell. Put the finished shells on a pallet, which may be the packaging for eggs. Also prepare in advance the soil for planting, a plastic film, the prepared seeds themselves.

Planting seedlings

Pour the soil into the shells, put 2-3 seeds and fill up almost to the top. Set the shells in the tray, pour and cover with foil. Watering should be done as the soil dries. On the 5th day, the shoots should hatch. Then the film can be removed. Another 2 weeks should keep the seedlings warm, after which you can arrange for her the first hardening walk - take it out into the street or into an unheated room, hold it there for an hour, then bring it back. Hardening must be done several times.

Transplanting such seedlings is very simple: you do not need to take anything out, just squeeze the shell slightly before cracking it and plant it in its entirety on the garden bed.

Pros of shell seedlings

Besides the fact that you don’t have to carry out a transplant so beloved by cucumbers, it can be noted that the egg shell itself is rich in nutrients and will immediately saturate the plant. In addition, it will protect against diseases and pests. Harvest will please you!

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    In 2019, I tried to plant cucumbers in this way ..- all varieties emerged .... this was my second sowing of cucumbers in a year .. the first batch was sown in snails and has already been fruiting in the open ground almost from the beginning of June and is bearing fruit now ... this summer’s bad weather (my good ones)) ... I already planted cucumbers in the greenhouse ..10 little things .. (although I planted more).

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