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To grow viable flowers on a street flower bed or in a flower garden, it is very important to choose the right seeds. The quality of planting material is difficult to judge by the packaging, but knowing and following the rules of choice and purchase, you can avoid disappointment. Having studied photos with examples before going to the store, you can visually evaluate some of the properties of the desired samples.

Selection rules

First of all, when buying seeds in packages, you should carefully study the packaging. It is better if they are packaged for small retail sales directly in the region of implementation. In this case, the number of intermediaries from the manufacturer to the consumer is less and less likely that the storage terms and conditions were violated. In addition, the package must necessarily indicate:

  • the name of the species and plant variety, if the hybrid is the designation of the first or second generation;
  • GOST, DSTU or other regulatory document;
  • wet seal packing date;
  • shelf life;
  • weight and number of pieces;
  • full name of the manufacturer along with the address and logo;
  • barcode;
  • hologram.

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Inside, all seeds must be clean, of the same size and shape, by which it is possible to accurately determine their species. There should be no mechanical damage, traces of exposure to insect pests, fungi, mold. The kernels must not be moist or sticky, and the packaging must not be damaged.

Pre-prepared seeds that have undergone processing are individually enclosed in colored, soluble capsules of protective and nutrient substances. Familiar paper bags are very unreliable packaging. To preserve the properties of planting material in full, responsible sellers pack them in sealed glass capsules. Buying planting material in such a package, you can be sure of their good germination, compliance with the declared variety, visually evaluate the approximate number of pieces.

Where to get seeds?

Experienced gardeners know that the least problems with seeds collected on their own. Good germination in seeds that were collected on time upon reaching maturity, carefully dried and stored in a dry and cool place, were not damaged by pests. However, should not be stored for too long. Although in some flowers they retain the ability to germinate for five to six years, for most varieties this period does not exceed two to three years.

It makes sense to collect seeds from flowers of hybrid varieties only from plants of the first generation. From plants of the second generation, planting material is more likely not suitable for use.

Seeds should be collected from the largest and most beautiful flowers in the group. In addition, when planning harvesting for subsequent seasons, it is important to avoid pollination and spoilage of varietal seed. Therefore, flowers belonging to closely related groups should grow apart, away from each other.

It is better to buy seed material in large specialized stores. Small kiosks, markets, and supermarkets rarely have proper packaging and storage conditions. As a result, even good seeds from reliable large suppliers lose their properties. It is convenient and profitable to purchase flower seeds from the Netherlands with delivery in the online store in five hundred pieces. Here you can buy material for planting garden crops and fertilizers produced by well-known European agricultural companies.

When buying seed for a garden or garden, it is important to consider the adaptability of the desired varieties to local climatic conditions. Otherwise, even the best seeds will not produce the expected yield or flowers. Detailed advice on selection and acquisition, as well as recommendations for growing, can be obtained daily during business hours on the website experienced managers.

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