The trick is that the flowers in the house bloomed for a long time and magnificent

2.12.2017 Flowers

In flower shops, all plants delight customers with their abundant flowering, thereby attracting their attention. But for some reason, your favorite indoor plants do not behave for a long time in this way, no matter how you feed them. Today we will reveal to you one secret, after the application of which, your flowers will give magnificent buds and bloom for a long time, to the envy of all neighbors.

The secret of abundant and prolonged flowering from experienced gardeners

In order to extend the flowering time of your favorite houseplant, all flower growers recommend fertilizing and fertilizing. Most often, names that are incomprehensible to a simple person sound that are very difficult to remember, and they fly out of your head, you just have to think about something else. In order not to rack your brains, recalling useful tips, take castor oil, because it copes with the same tasks perfectly. Thanks to such top dressing, flowering will become lush and longer.

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Nutrient Preparation

For 1 liter of settled water, take 1 teaspoon of castor oil. Shake the container well (it is better to take a bottle for this) until the oil is dispersed in the liquid. After doing such simple manipulations, immediately water the plant. This procedure must be performed every time new buds open.

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