Perennial flowers blooming all summer: photo and name, unpretentious

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Perennial flowers blooming all summer: photo and name, unpretentiousEach of us wants it to be beautiful in his yard and garden. We use flowers for this, but not everybody wants to plant them every year, so we will tell you about perennial flowers that bloom all summer: photos and names are unpretentious. In our article, we list some types of flowers, as well as their advantages and disadvantages.


So, first we find out what advantage perennial flowers have.

1) They do not need to be transplanted every year from place to place.

2) Good cold tolerance. Perennial flowers perfectly tolerate winter and do not require special care.

3) Decorative qualities are preserved for several seasons.

4) You do not need to spend money every year and save on perennials.


They look very beautiful tall perennial flowers.

  • And the first to open our list rose stock. But it has many more names and the most common mallow.
Rose stock

Features of the flower stem rose

It is one of the highest garden plants, the stem of which reaches up to 250 cm. Mallow is a two-year-old plant, since in the first year it forms a rosette of leaves, and in the second year it blooms. Her buds resemble bells, which in diameter can reach up to 12 cm. The leaves of the scotch rose are fleecy, palmate-lobed. This rose has a very different color. The buds are collected on the central stem in an elongated inflorescence, and in the third and fourth year the flowering will be weaker, as the size of the plant decreases.

They plant it with seeds, both in open ground and in seedlings. The stem rose is not whimsical and not capricious. But it’s better to put her in a calm place.
You can buy mallow seeds in this store
It comes in many forms and colors. Therefore, choose to your taste.


2) The next plant has a rather complicated name tricirtis


His departure is completely uncomplicated. But many compare tricirtis with orchid. He has about 20 species of varieties. Tricirtis has a very attractive appearance, the stalk reaches a height of up to 80 cm, and the bell-shaped buds reach 4 cm in diameter. In length, the bushes grow to a meter. He does not like windy places and high humidity, so plant it on fertile, chernozem soil. During drought, keep the ground slightly moist.

Propagation in tricirtis occurs due to seeds that are planted in late autumn.


3) Further for your site may come up window sill. It comes in two varieties: spotted window sill and purple window sill.


This plant is not whimsical to the earth and requires care, like any other perennial plant. You need to plant a window-sill in the sun, it is important that it tolerates winter well. Their flowers are racemose. Poskonnik loves top dressing, so use mineral fertilizers for him. Grown in one place from five to ten years.


It propagates in four species:


To grow this plant from seeds, you first need to grow seedlings, which are planted in March. After 2-3 weeks, seedlings will appear.


Dividing the bush

The plant is divided in autumn or spring, but its age should be at least five years. Rhizome is cut with a knife or a shovel. After planting, they need to be watered abundantly.


Kidney renewal

When the shoots grow to five centimeters, they can be planted on the flower bed when the roots appear.


4) Continue our list yarrow.

You may be interested in:

This plant has a height of 90 cm, and the flower is racemose. He prefers open spaces. In drought, yarrow requires abundant watering.It will be possible to produce seedlings at the age of three, but it has one drawback: it grows rapidly throughout the site and so that it does not drop seeds, do not allow faded flowers to fall to the ground.

Yarrow division must be done every couple of years. Reproduction is possible with green cuttings, but propagation by seeds is very rare.


5) After the list goes day-lily.


This is not a whimsical plant that will grow in any climatic conditions, but to make them look healthy, you need to carry out proper care. He loves sunny places, but you need to plant in a shady place so that the color of the buds does not fade.


There are two ways to reproduce them, which have pros and cons.

Bush division

A plant is usually divided when it is at least four years old. And planted for a long time before frost, so that it does not freeze.


Seed propagation

Daylilies cannot breed at home from seeds.


6) There are still wonderful phlox.


These are very beautiful flowers that do not need to be given much time to care, they have more than forty species, which will allow you to create unforgettable beauty in the flowerbed. When you choose a variety of these flowers, you should choose not only by color, but also by stem height. Plant phlox in early spring. And before planting the seeds must be kept in potassium permanganate. They begin to bloom in June, and end flowering in the fall.
You can buy different phlox seeds for every taste this link.


7) They bloom very beautifully pansies. They also have the name viola or violet.


Basically they are planted on seedlings, and then on a flower bed. They plant seedlings in February. There are about 400 varieties of pansies. The most beautiful of them can be found on this store. Watering should be done about twice a week, and in drought every day. And for this plant to bloom all summer, remove the flowers that have bloomed. This type of plant loves the frequent cultivation of the earth.


The most common types of viola that summer residents use:

Viola tricolor

Viola wittrock

Viola Altai

Viola yellow

Pansies look good in hanging flower pots.


8) We also suggest planting a plant gentian.


These are very beautiful plants that grow anywhere. These wonderful plants love the sun, but there are varieties that feel better in a shady place. They have single flowers and short stems. They grow in height up to one and a half meters. The choice of place and soil for planting must be determined for each variety separately and it is necessary to approach its planting very responsibly. It is better to plant gentian in April or September. The distance between each bush should be at least 30 cm. It is better to dig up the soil before planting twice. They multiply by seeds that need to be planted in the winter, while taking into account that the shelf life of seeds is from 6 to 12 months. Usually they plant it with a carpet, since the gentian has a very beautiful blue color. They do not require special care if the soil and the place of planting are correctly selected.

Perennial flowers can also be attributed to rosesTrue, they require special care, but they are very beautiful, and they smell like ... mmm ...

Improve your flower beds with perennial flowers and enjoy their bloom all summer. Enjoy your creativity.

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