Sow in the ground, without seedlings: 10 beautiful and unpretentious flowers

28.07.2019 Flowers

Due to lack of time or the use of low-quality seeds, the gardener may be left without seedlings of flowers for the garden. No need to worry that the homeland will remain ugly. It will be enough to use varieties of flowering plants that can be immediately sown in the ground. They are unpretentious in care and look attractive.

5 fast growing annuals

Plants that live only one season, after the appearance of the first shoots, bloom on average after 2-3 months. But there are varieties that will delight gardeners with bright colors a little faster.

In order to obtain abundant and prolonged flowering, the plant is planted on soil with a neutral level of acidity and good drainage.

The following flowers can be planted on the site:

  • Calendula. They throw out small buds from which round flowers of bright yellow or orange are revealed. The stems are low, up to 50 cm, with a velvety cover. Seeds are sown in late April, and after 14 days, seedlings already appear.
  • Gypsophila. The height of the bush does not exceed 45-55 cm. The shape of the plant resembles a ball, and on the branches there are many small white flowers. The seeds are laid out in the soil at the beginning of May, and Gypsophila blooms for about 40-50 days.
  • Godetia. The height of the bush varies from 15 to 60 cm. At the ends of straight and spreading stems there are large flowers with double petals. Seeds in the soil are sown in late April or early May. If you keep them covered with a film, then the seedlings will appear after 10 days, and the buds in another month and a half.
  • Iberis is an umbrella. Volumetric shrubs up to 50 cm high. Lanceolate leaves and small flowers resembling umbrellas are located on their branches. Seeds are sown before winter, or in May. Shoots will appear after 14 days, and the bush will bloom in 45-55 days.
  • Damascus Nigella. This flower is different in that it is grown in areas as a decoration, as well as a spice. The stem of the plant is straight, not more than 40 cm high, at the end of which a medium-sized flower with double petals is formed. Seeds are sown in autumn, and buds appear in summer.

Plants are recommended based on soil composition. If necessary, the soil is fertilized. To flowering continued for a maximum period, it is recommended to do regular watering, as well as follow agricultural technology.

5 annuals for flower beds without seedlings

Garden flower arrangements require constant care. Therefore, summer residents do everything possible to plant a plant from spring or winter, and after enjoying its flowering in the summer.

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So that the land cover has an attractive appearance, Alyssum is sown on it. The average height of the bush is 30 cm. The stem of the plant is dense and branched, dotted with velvety leaves. In the summer, small flowers appear around mid-July or early August. For Alyssum, it is recommended to select areas that receive a lot of sunlight.

The decoration of any flowerbed is considered California poppy.On the squat branches of bushes with lush leaves are large buds. When flowering, they reach a diameter of 9 cm, and in appearance resemble the crown or wings of butterflies. Seeds are sown immediately in the soil in April or October, immediately to a permanent place. The first flowers after shoots will be in a month.

It is difficult to find a gardener who does not have Petunia in his summer cottage. This plant is characterized by the presence of a large number of varieties: giant, stunted, sprawling, compact, large-flowered, cascading, terry and more. Seeds are sown in late May, and seedlings will bloom in about 3 weeks.

In order for Petunia to bloom for a long time and abundantly, it is necessary to regularly remove withered buds, as well as cut long lashes.

Those who live in central Russia often grow Zinnia in their plots. These flowers are pink, yellow, orange, white and scarlet. Since it does not tolerate frost, it belongs to annuals. In mid-May, seeds are sown in the ground, and the flowerbed is necessarily covered with a film. Seedlings are expected after 1-2 weeks.

To get a beautiful green carpet on the flowerbed, Portulac is grown large-flowered. The height of the bush does not exceed 20 cm, in appearance the stems of the plant resemble conifers, but they are abundantly strewn with flowers of various shades. Seeds are sown in the ground around the beginning of May, and after 1-2 months the green mat will not only appear, but will bloom profusely.

Various varieties of flowers that can be sown in open ground without the need to grow seedlings - this is a real salvation for the gardener. Thanks to the wide selection, you can easily create a floral arrangement in your area that will delight you with its colors throughout the summer.

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